….and relax.

When I have the luxury of time for a massage I without fail, go for the deep tissue / sports variety because my body is usually a bit of a mess from working out, riding and lifting/playing with the kids followed by not giving myself a proper warm-down, naughty I know.

But last week I had the ultimate relaxing experience with my very first aromatherapy massage.  I never knew I could feel that relaxed with a beautiful blend of aromas while having a much more gentle (and much less painful) massage.  I slept like a log that night and woke up feeling extremely relaxed and reenergised which felt amazing.

Rachel blended up some essential oils to use on me once she’d done my consolation.  I’d been a tad run down with a teething baby, a poorly toddler and quite a sick husband so we settled on Basil, Patchouli and Frankincense. These were chosen because they are used to relieve tension due to an overtired mind, boost the immune system and to deeply moisturise my skin. The blend worked perfectly as I really did feel fantastic the next day.  Would I go back for more? Definitely!

Rachel Boddington: 07977 452631


Instagram: @aromatherapybyrachel

Facebook: Aromatherapy By Rachel 


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