A few weeks ago I headed over to Hannam’s with the BEP girls for a Sunday shred. Chloe Lemm was behind the camera (as she’s about to pop with bubba no.1, exciting times!) and so here are a few of the snaps she captured…ย 

It was also my maiden voyage out on the Hyperlite Socialite which I’ll tell you all about in another blog, when I can, but short version is that I’m loving it ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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Tuesday Takes

What has been going on here at HQ…

I’ve eaten well, some good, some bad and lots of chocolate – obvs only take photos of the good stuff though.ย 


Ethan had a little photoshoot with Little Munchkin Photographyย on the weekend and I can’t wait to see the finished product!ย 


Tested out white nail polish with glitter tips – super easy to do. ย I’ll do a How To at some point!


Working…. been busy with the houses and coaching. ย 


We’re slowly potty training here so starting off with nappy free time while at home. ย This morning I had the pleasure of cleaning my cream carpets that Ethan had kindly shat on, stepped in, walked all around the living room and half the kitchen. ย Yay fun times!ย 



We moved into our home nearly two and a half years ago and of course we were stoked that we could finally have an office! ย What a luxury compared to our one bed apartment in Kingston. ย We moved our stuff out of storage (along with Jon’s desk) and bought an Ikea bookcase for our new office. ย It did ok for a while but it wasn’t an easy-use office, everything was kinda everywhere and a bit disorganised. ย I never worked in there. Being a new year and feeling better n’ all, I decided to revamp the vibe.

Old office – and that was after I cleared the desk, which you couldn’t see at all.ย 

photo 2-5

New office

photo 2-4photo 3-3photo 4-2

– I kept it cheap by painting the existing furniture, its not fun but its satisfying to see the end product. ย I used a coat of primer and a couple of coats of wood paint.ย 

– I recycled things from around the house such as the cacti.ย 

– We went through most of our paperwork and got rid of anything that wasn’t needed, this was two bin bags worth – so it was worth doing!

– The desk lamp I bought from Homebase and got a low energy lightbulb.ย 

– Shelves from Ikea, cost about the same as hotdog meal – a must, no?

– I made sure everything was to hand according to its priority and how often we needed it, just toย make life that little bit easier.ย 

I’m loving our new office space! ย Amazing what a lick of paint can do to brighten your office vibe. ย I want to change out all the files to matching colours but I thought that was a bit excessive at the moment. ย So theres still tweaks to be done but I’m happy with it for now ๐Ÿ™‚ย