Get moving | Get motivated

This week was no different; I did my two days of buggy bootcamp as usual.  Yesterday wasn’t looking good as it was hammering it down with rain just before I had to leave the house, but as I know, I always feel better after a workout, it just sets me up right for the day.  I feel more motivated to do more with my day once I get the blood pumping and get my sweat on – I’m a believer that the busier you are, the more productive you are, so the more I cram into my day, the more I get done.  Anyway, I’m glad I went, as they had my favourite – the battle ropes!  Hope you get moving this week 🙂 

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Fresh off the plane means only one thing… time to book another trip.  A surf trip this time.  I am off to Portugal (again, I know) only because the surf is amazing, its super cheap and I know the breaks there better than I know my UK local.  Its a family trip so my husband and mini Balladon are coming with, but we’re also taking another mini family with us!  Reeeeeally excited about this as its going to be so fun travelling with friends and even Ethan will have a buddy, but all this is topped off because I will have one of besties to surf with!!  Yay for me!