My Beauty Regime! Part 1: Face

A lot of people seem to ask me how I deal with being in the sun and water so much and how I take care of myself, so I thought I’d write some little blogs about!  Read on to find out how I keep myself beach ready with my no fuss no frills beauty regime! 🙂

photo 2-6Skin: I used to have terrible skin as a teen, I tried everything, all the typical spot creams and various antibiotics, but nothing worked.  The only thing that cleared my skin up was a diet overhaul.  I swapped out the greasy snacks for healthier ones, cut down on the chocolate and changed all sodas for water.  It didn’t take long for my skin to clear up.  That was years ago now but I still stick to it, whatever I eat shows on my skin/face.. so drink up H2O style!

photo 1-2I also believe in a skin routine, morning and night.  I always wash my face with Boots cucumber face wash (cheap, cheerful and does the job), then I use a Garnier day moisturiser in the morning, and Boots cucumber moisturiser before bed.  I also have a Boots cucumber eye gel if I’ve had a particularly busy day or sleepless night.  I used to think I didn’t need to moisturise because my skin is fairly oily, but all skin types need some TLC!


Its been 15 weeks since our baby was born and I’ve been working hard to get back in shape.  Reasons for this?  I just want to look good in a bikini!  Ha!  No theres more to it than that.. I felt pretty rank for a good few weeks after the birth – I was pale, sleep deprived, out of shape, unfit, and the ‘baby blues’ didn’t help (I would cry at anything and everything).


I haven’t put huge pressure on myself to get back to the old me, but it is something I just naturally really wanted to do.  I want to look like I did before I fell pregnant, I want to get into my skinny jeans, I want to feel fit, healthy and strong again, I want to be able to wakeboard properly (and progress) and I really want to feel comfortable in a bikini again!


I’ve been working with my trainer Sharm (Kurup Fit) on specific problem areas that I find hard to workout myself, and in-between sessions I’ve been doing yoga, home workouts with a swiss ball, a kettle bell and my own body weight, and of course, wakeboarding!


Like everyone who has a baby, you lose a fair amount of weight after the baby is born, I won’t go into detail, but ladies, you know what I mean!  After that, I still had a stone to lose to get back to my previous weight.  I wasn’t bothered about what the scales said, I just wanted to be the same size as before so I didn’t have to re-buy my entire wardrobe!  I got stuck, the pounds weren’t coming off and my shape wasn’t changing very much.  I knew I was putting on muscle but the layer of fat sitting on top of said muscle wasn’t shifting!


So last Saturday I spoke to my trainer about this and I’m doing a two week nutritional focus to increase my fat burning potential.  We’re trying to get me burning food cleaner and leaner, and reduce any bloating potential Sharm says!  (I also have a new dress that I want to wear to one of my best friends wedding next weekend!)  I’m basically thinking about eating as naturally as possible, cutting down on foods that are overly processed but not completely because I would go crazy.. I need cheese in my life and I’m not one for drastic measures!  I’ve just been swapping sandwiches for salads at lunchtime, reducing starchy carbs at dinner and opting for more veggies and foods of more nutritional value and vitamins to make the most out of the fuel for my body.  Plus I’m making sure I take on lots of water during the day.  So far its working as my skinny jeans now fit (but could look better..#bunsofsteel!!)  I’m finally getting ‘me’ back and at the end of the day, the happier and healthier I feel, the better Wife and Mum I will be 🙂

Below: Eight weeks post baby to 15 weeks post baby.