New Year | New Start

12548837_993710320665571_9084002337948319693_nSo we’re 11 days into the new year, hows it going?  I had every intention (like most) to kick start the new year in a big way.  More riding, more working out, more healthy eating, less wine (actually that was never on the list, come on), but come January 1st did it happen?  

My Christmas was a little weird this year, short version – the husband was working every hour imaginable, the toddler was sick and nearly admitted to hospital on Christmas day, and the weather was a little bit shit.

However, I did have some fabulous times thank god!  Drunk mums Christmas Party, golf with the family, Brothers birthday diner, Dads birthday dinner, Church.. I always go to church at Christmas, how can you not love belting out a bit of ‘O come, all ye faithful’?  Good times on NYE with even a firework display courtesy of our neighbours!

So what to do when stuck in the house with baby and a sick toddler when there is NOTHING on and the weathers not ideal?  Well I did a lot of working out thats for sure, there you go kids – have a bit of telly tubbies (yes yes, thats back invading out TV’s) so mum can get moving.

Ahhhh nursery has started again and life has returned to normal which is great.  Its taken me a week to get into the things I wanted to start but I’m not being hard on myself because then I’d feel worse, and I need to feel happy that I’ve achieved something, even if it is only a 15 min workout, its better than nothing.

What do I want to achieve this year….?

1. Stop swearing around my kids because its started to bite me in the ass.

2. Enjoy my kids more, sounds stupid but they’ll be in school before I know it (freeeeeeeeedooooommmmm!!!!) and they won’t want to talk to me or cuddle me anymore. Sniff sniff… (this actually makes me sad). 

3. Spend more time getting out and about as a family now we’re through the horrible new born stage.

4. Wakeboard.  A lot.  As much as possible.  I’ve got a lot of ground to cover to make up for lost time (not that having babies is lost time, but, you know).

5. More trips!  Preferably with wake or waves… UK, abroad.. again, just getting out there with the fam.

6. Bikini body.  Yes I want it back.  I want to be in better shape than ever to keep me strong and healthy so I can look after my family, ride as much as possible and be happy in general.

7. House proud.  If you know me then you’ll know I’m a bit of a Monica when it comes to cleaning.  What I’ve learnt with two kids is that you can’t keep the house up to standard unless you don’t sit down.  Ever.  So obviously I’ll still keep on top of the cleaning but I can’t worry that its not show home worthy every second of every waking day.

8. More adventurous with cooking.  We have our standard weekly menu that we get incredibly bored with, but trying to think about something new and exciting to cook has just not been on the cards.  But as the baby gets older, I’ll be able to try and cook something new every couple of weeks.  Hopefully.  And M&Ss meal for two don’t count!

9. Wake work.  Who doesn’t love a bit of wake work?  From April I will have a whole day and a half a week to myself!!!!!  Heaven!  But I’ll be filling this with coaching/shooting/filming/blogging etc.. 

10. Comps.  I only did a handful of comps last year due to new baby, but I want to get involved with as many as my time will allow this year!  

So there you have it, I’ve shared my plans for 2016!  I read somewhere that if you talk about your goals you’re more likely to achieve them… we’ll see how that goes ey.. ?