w o r k ~ s p a c e

Like so many others, I work from home.  I work from my lovely home office most of the time but other times its from my kitchen table (when I need to keep my eye on the kiddies), my sofa, my bed, the lake, the beach or where ever …   My favourite out of all the above is obviously the beach, but that doesn’t happen too often, so the runner up is my home office.  I revamped and reorganised it a few months ago to make it a much more satisfying environment to work in, and it really is!  

For me, a clean and tidy office equals a clear mind – I have always been like this, even at school I would have to have an immaculate bedroom before I could focus on any work whatsoever.  This carried on throughout university and has continued into my adult working life.  I used to think it was a form of procrastination but now I know that its just who I am and how I work, if my workspace is messy and unorganised, my brain feels the same.  

My office stays tidy at all times (so anal I know), unlike the rest of my house which, due to mainly the toddler, is a mess most of the time, crumbs and toys everywhere (and it drives me crazy!)  Its as if vacuuming never existed.  Ever.  

Ahhhh thank god for the adult home office space…. 

photo 1-4photo 4-2photo 3-3

Where do you work?  Head on over to my friends at WeWork for some workplace inspiration!  They’ve got locations in London and tons of shared office spaces all over the world! 

waking & surfing

….. wakesurfing!  A couple of Saturdays ago, for the first time ever, a leg of the European Wakesurf Tour was held in the UK down at JB Waterski.  Did I compete – of course I did. I hadn’t actually wake surfed for over a year; I sucked, and came 6th (last) but I didn’t care because I just wanted to have fun.  And fun I did as Georgie Boyers put on a stella event which meant that as a baby-free mum for the day, I got to enjoy lakeside yoga, a bit of wake surfing followed by a back massage, smooch round the trade stands and some yummy food!  Thanks for a great event, can’t wait till next years!

(I might actually get to practice next time around as there are no more babies to be had. None. No more. Done. Factory closed. Finito). 

y o g a

I’m loving my yoga at the moment!  I try and get 15 / 20 mins done a few times a week in the mornings to set me up for the day.  I find I’m super stiff and cold at the beginning and then as I warm up I get really into it and more flexible which is great for motivating me to deal with the kids.  And it just feels great to get my blood pumping which then makes me more active for the rest of the day!  I’m one of those annoying people that believe the busier you are – the more you get done.  I’m far from decent at the yoga poses but every time I go through the routine I manage to go a little bit deeper into the stretch, or hold the pose for that little bit longer, and I can feel myself getting stronger day by day!