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Recently I caught up with Pro Wakeboarder Nicola Bulter.  Read on to see how she got into wakeboarding and moved to the US of A; what she’s into now, how she broke her leg and her thoughts on Lana Del Ray… 

| Hey Nicola, hows things?

| Pretty good thanks! Just had breakfast by the pool in sunny Orlando so can’t complain!

| Lets throw it back to the start.  Fill us in from the beginning:

| I grew up in South Africa and lived there until I was around 9. I always loved the water and my dad taught me to surf from a very young age. We moved to England and I discovered wakeboarding when I was 11. I started on the cable and then met Will Christien and Stew Mackie and started riding behind the boat at Quayside. I knew I wanted to ride full time when I started competing in international events. I loved the idea of traveling the world and riding a wakeboard. I moved to the states when I was 14/15 thanks to an 0-1 sports visa. My family was incredibly supportive of my move and I owe a lot to my dad for his sacrifices that got me where I am today.


| Catch us up, what have you been up to recently.

| You’re injured right now?  What ave you done and how? Hope you get back on the water soon!

I broke my leg around 6 weeks ago trying a new trick. I just got cleared from my doctor to do everything again but I’m going to take it easy and start with rehab. My leg is so weak right now! It’s crazy how quickly the muscle diminishes when you don’t use it.

| Where are you based? 

| I’m based in Orlando and I’m living on Lake Conway right now. Half of my belongings and heart are in California though so I’m kind of just floating around.

| Who do you ride with normally?

| I like to ride with lots of different people but mainly Melissa Marquardt, Gunnar Shuler, Carro Djpsujo, Daniel Powers.

| How much do you ride?

| I try to ride at least once a day, sometimes twice.

| Do you workout outside of wakeboarding?

| I stay active in the gym and I try do as much yoga as possible to balance out all the wakeboarding.

| Are you into healthy living?

| Definitely! I’ve been vegetarian for almost a year and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever had. A lot of my friends are vegetarian and they’ve been a positive influence in that aspect. I try to stick with the girls because all the boys eat out for every single meal and they have crazy fast metabolisms. It’s not fair! Haha


| Hows this season going for you?

| Well, not great haha considering I broke my leg right at the beginning of summer. I’ve been staying super busy and working on my photography though so I’m happy

| Did you get to ride any any comps before you broke your leg this season?

| I started the season well with a second at World Cup in Australia and then didn’t do too well at Wakegames and Masters.

| Have you got any comps coming up that you need to be all fixed up for?

| I’m hoping to be back riding strong for Worlds and World Cup in September.

| Any flights booked?

| I just booked my flight for the China World Cup so I’m excited about that.  A couple of us are traveling together and going early to stay in Beijing to see the Great Wall.

| What were you working on before you got injured?

| I injured myself trying a dum dum. My roommate and I were working on a funny edit so I’m bummed that we didn’t get to continue filming for that.

| What are you into at the moment?

| Just doing different grabs on tricks and trying to add more style to tricks I already have consistent.

| Do you get to ride cable much?  What are your thoughts on it?

| I used to love the cable but it’s pretty hard to balance both. I used to spend every single day at OWC and I was on their team so I rode for free. Now that Hyperlite and Nautique took over it’s only their riders that can ride without paying. It’s kind of a bummer when I supported them so much my whole career and now when I go there I have to pay $35 for 2 hours when I just want to do a couple laps.

Have you ridden straight line cables much?

| I love it! So fun and way more interactive with your friends so close. It makes me soo sore though. Especially when someone doesn’t know how to drive corners haha!


Some random info..

| If you could only eat one meal for the rest of time? Probably brown rice, tofu, broccoli, with nuts.

| Same goes for tipple? I had to google tipple haha umm that’s hard. Probably Stella

| Do you like country music? Nope

| What you into? Really into photography, filming and editing. I’m starting a new website so stay tuned!

| Favourite place on earth..  Bali. 

| Whats on your ‘things to do before I’m 30’ list?  I actually just started a bucket list the other day! Travel more and create relationships that last a lifetime. I’m not really concerned with marriage and kids, I just want to do and see everything while I still can.

| Beauty product you cannot live without. Toothpaste?  Does that count haha I could definitely live without makeup but maybe waterproof mascara if I had to choose.

| Five travel must have items: Headphones, nillow (neck pillow), hoodie, iPhone/laptop/iPad, chargers

Now to the really important stuff.  I read somewhere that you’re a Lana del Ray fan.  I am a LDR fan myself… SO what are your thoughts on her latest album, and how bummed were you that the song from Gatsby wasn’t on there?

Yes! I lovee her. I guess the song was just an exclusive Gatsby thing but that’s okay cause I’d heard it a million times. At first I hated her new album because there was nothing that really stood out as a catchy sing-a-long. Then I read a review praising how brilliant it was and what it stood for. Intrigued I read on and my whole view on it changed. Basically she was like no, I’m not going to sell out and write radio pop hits I’m just going to record and sing what I want. Then I listened to the album on repeat for a week and I was like oh, Lana you badass, you.

Any shoutouts: Mom & Dad! CWB, Rockstar Energy, BuyWake, The Young And Brave Foundation, Surfergirl Suncare, Rope The Moon Jewelry.

Thanks for the catch up Nicola, its been great!

| Thank you!!

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