Rail | Royal

This comp was a while ago but I didn’t blog about it?!  Must have been all the winning going to my head.  A month or so ago, Box End Park hosted their Rail Royal.  As the title suggests, its a rail/kicker only comp (no water inverts).  This is right up my street as I’m not too keen on getting air time.  The event was brilliant and everyone seemed to be loving the rail riding vibes.  I was stoked to win the event for the second year in a row! Thanks BEP for a great event and well done to everyone who rode. 


Clothes for Kids

Yeeeah stoked with 2nd place in yesterdays comp at JB Ski!  Soph Cordrey organised a comp where all the entry fees (new clothes or cash) go to charity.  It was a great event and Jb delivered with lovely weather and glassy waters, we couldn’t have asked for a better setting for one of the last comps of the season.  Well done to everyone who rode and thanks JB for hosting!