My Billabong Sawyer Jacket..                                      Riding at Hannam’s..

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Feeding time…                                                    Baking…

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           DIY Manicures…                                             Pressies from Nalu Beads

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Hannam’s Wake Hub

SONY DSCYesterday I ventured out to find Hannam’s Wake Hub.  Its situated near Cambridge but definitely off the beaten track.  You drive down the A10 for a while to find a little turning that features a big blue arrow indicating you’re nearly at your SONY DSCmuch sought after destination.  After locating the farm gate and passing through, you feel like you’re heading into the middle of nowhere.  It was my first time and because of the time of year, the sun was low in the sky, the roads were covered with glistening mud and there was absolutely no sign of a single soul for miles.  I carried on and followed the strategically place wakeboard signs to the Hub.


I made my way up to the lakes where I was welcomed by friendly people and some much needed glass.  It was actually a little erie (in a good/beautiful way) because of the angle of the sun and the lake’s setting, the sky and water were nearly touching and were almost blending into one, absolutely amazing for a wake lake!

I had a fun session, some great features to sink your teeth into.  SONY DSCSuper smooth and very progressional, great kickers as well.  And my favourite thing in these chilly temperatures is no swimming, you just grab the handle and get going again!  Overall, a very fun location and I will definitely be heading back for more! 🙂