Winter Wakeboarding // Box End Park

First ride back on the water! Well apart from New Years Day, but its been nearly three months! We’ve been having some cold weather over here and on the weekend I had earmarked to shred, I had the choice from a frigid 3C Saturday shred, or a balmy 12C Sunday shred. I chose Sunday.

I was able to enjoy some quiet laps in my full winter attire, jacket and all. Even gloves for my first set out until my hands grew custom to conditions. Ah nothing quite like fresh laps on a Sunday morning before Spring has spring to dust off the cobwebs.

The park at Box End was mostly in, the winter does hectic things to cable parks throughout the winter, like freezing over, storms, high winds etc…. but it was seriously enjoyable for an introduction back into wakeboarding after some time off.

I rode for an hour and had all the fun. I only came in because my lower arms were like noodles. Forearm pump from the laps with gloves, and then my ‘grippy’ muscles started to go. No matter what I do over the winter, nothing seems to prepare me for the arm pump – let me know what you do to combat this please!

As always, I had a great time on the water, always better to go out for a few laps than not to get the stoke levels up!

Summer of Wakeboarding in the UK

We’ve had a great summer in 2022! The UK opened up and it opened up good. Real good. And I loved it. The weather showed up gracing us with many a heat wave and then I even managed to get abroad for the first time in three and a half years… THREE AND A HALF YEARS!!!? But that’s for another time.

This summer has been filled with as much lake time as I could fit in. I’ve said this before, but my wakeboarding time usually runs from when the lakes open around March / April and runs through to July. And then I seem to get crazy busy and pick it back up again in September, through until the lakes close for winter. (Holler at me lakes that stay open through the winter!)

Kit wise I’ve been on the Hyperlite Soul Mate which I absolutely love, System Low Backs and Gooey Boots. I then ride in Mystic boardies, the Luna Shorty or the Jayde 3/2mm full suit. Paired with the Star Impact Vest and the MK8 X Helmet for safety.

I have had some epic lines this summer too! I’ve been working on tricks that I had solid way back when before I had children… 10years ago. As you can imagine I have been pretty stoked this summer to get them dialled in again! Now its the big leap of learning new things – things that start to hurt again haha!

Wish me luck.

Board Review: Hyperlite Soul Mate

I am riding the 2020 Hyperlite Soul Mate this year and so I thought I would fill you in on what I think of it!

I started off on the 2020 Hyperlite Pleasure in October last year, which rides like an absolute dream, and the Soul Mate is its sister board as its women focussed.  It is a little lighter and so its great for spins because you won’t get spin-lag. The board has a wood core and also comes with Hyperlites custom Satin Flex so we can get deeper into those presses in the park.  With sized-up technology, meaning the technology has advanced so much that the board can be made longer but with no extra weight, it comes in a 142cm which makes it super soft on landings. Its got a sintered base and urethane sidewalls, which means its extremely durable and will hold up for all those park sessions.

Similar to my riding on the Pleasure, its the most snowboardery feel I’ve ever had on a wakeboard. Its narrower profile means the Soul Mate carves through the water just like you would be throwing out big turns through the fresh pow.  This alone puts the biggest smile on my face.

The Soul Mate is the most fun I’ve had on a wakeboard in a long time and honestly rides like no other board I’ve ridden before.  If you have the chance to get on it… definitely give it a go, you’ll have a smile on your face in seconds.