We moved into our home nearly two and a half years ago and of course we were stoked that we could finally have an office!  What a luxury compared to our one bed apartment in Kingston.  We moved our stuff out of storage (along with Jon’s desk) and bought an Ikea bookcase for our new office.  It did ok for a while but it wasn’t an easy-use office, everything was kinda everywhere and a bit disorganised.  I never worked in there. Being a new year and feeling better n’ all, I decided to revamp the vibe.

Old office – and that was after I cleared the desk, which you couldn’t see at all. 

photo 2-5

New office

photo 2-4photo 3-3photo 4-2

– I kept it cheap by painting the existing furniture, its not fun but its satisfying to see the end product.  I used a coat of primer and a couple of coats of wood paint. 

– I recycled things from around the house such as the cacti. 

– We went through most of our paperwork and got rid of anything that wasn’t needed, this was two bin bags worth – so it was worth doing!

– The desk lamp I bought from Homebase and got a low energy lightbulb. 

– Shelves from Ikea, cost about the same as hotdog meal – a must, no?

– I made sure everything was to hand according to its priority and how often we needed it, just to make life that little bit easier. 

I’m loving our new office space!  Amazing what a lick of paint can do to brighten your office vibe.  I want to change out all the files to matching colours but I thought that was a bit excessive at the moment.  So theres still tweaks to be done but I’m happy with it for now 🙂 


What was harder to come back from | Injury or Motherhood?

So winter is well and truly under way and the lakes have had their first bit of ice decoration to the edges.  I enjoy riding this time of year because there are only the usual die hards who do it purely of the love, coupled with the fact that the queues are significantly reduced makes for a nice little session.  Winter, for me, is about keeping the muscles active and working on smaller tricks that won’t lead to too much pain if I screw up.  However, this has become a bit of a habit for me of recent.


I got to thinking about what was harder for me.  Coming back from injury or coming back as a mother.  Its hard to make an absolute clear comparison as I had knee surgery 10 years ago and I became a mother nearly two years ago, but I’m going to try.

The knee: I blew out my left knee on a kicker in Xscape.  I knew I’d done something but am more of the mind – if I just work through it, it’ll get better.  I was wrong.  Four months later I ended up in surgery and I’d done more damage than they’d thought.  I was non-weight bearing for two months, then had to learn how to walk again and lots of physio to build up my leg that was half the size of the other one with muscle wastage. Good times.  Anyway, it was really hard going back to snowboarding and wakeboarding because my knee was so weak.  I had a brace but my brain would still kick in with its warning bells when trying anything new and I’d bail.  After a year or so I was done with this and ditched the knee brace and haven’t worn it since, and I haven’t let my knee bother me either.  Yes it throbs in cold damp weather but it does’t affect my riding as the muscles are all strong again.  Overall, it affected my riding for about two years maximum.  I also fractured my lower back snowboarding and my collar bone wakeboarding, but being fractures they healed pretty quickly and didn’t really have an impact on my riding, although typing at work was harder with the latter with my arm in a sling.


Motherhood: I had Ethan in January 2013 and had the goal to ride in the Nationals in July 2013, six months after childbirth.  I definitely didn’t perform how I’d wanted to but I’d achieved my goal of competing at Nationals level.  You don’t just casually pop out a baby – from start to finish its nine months and then you have all the aftermath and healing (physically and mentally) and getting to grips with sleep deprivation, stolen identity, baby blues, and generally being responsible for a tiny helpless being, which for me was about six months. Because he was so small I knew I had to avoid any big tricks that I could potentially get injured on, so I focussed on rails instead.


I’m two years into motherhood and this feeling is yet to change.  I still cannot get injured otherwise I wouldn’t be able to care for Ethan properly, as well as making my life harder (I never did mastered the art of carrying a cuppa from the kitchen to the sofa while on crutches).  So when I’m setting up to learn something new, I look into every possible outcome that I could potentially have, I look at features differently, I might walk round to them to get a better look and watch people hitting them, ride past them ten times and then hit them ten times before I progress on to try something more technical on them. The way I look at things as changed.  I doubt this feeling will ever shift which is a weird to know.  An example of this was filming the WSW Team edit before I hit the transfer, I looked that thing up and down so much, then hit each bit individually and gently and then when I was confident I could do it, went for it, but it took some time for me to get there, unlike the boys who just batwinged over it first hit, (thats you, Edd).

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.40.45

So two years after injury I was back to normal.  Two years into motherhood and I still have that alarm bell in my brain telling me to study and assess the situation instead of just going for it.  Sadly I don’t think this will ever change as I’m not number 1 anymore, Ethan is.  So to all the ladies who’ve got back into riding after becoming a mother, and all the mothers in general, have a glass of champers and give yourself a pat on the back because its bloody hard and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

Or take up wakesurfing – its way mellower 🙂 


Winter Workouts

Two days of bootcamp and I was ready for it this week, ready to get my sweat on and it felt great.  I find this time of year so important to keep up with my workout routine.  The summers over and you can cover up with layer upon layer of thick cozy jumpers and hide your body away as you stash those bikinis in the back of the wardrobe till next year. Its so easy to just relax and let things slide with the days getting shorter and colder.  Its much easier to stay in bed than hit the gym in the mornings, or bypass the circuit training in the evenings to get straight home to a hot meal, you really have to work at it. If you do stick at it, come January you won’t be feeling guilty about all the mince pies and alcohol you’ve consumed because you’ll still be keeping to you’re good habits rather than thinking – well I’ve had two helpings of pudding, may as well go for the hat-trick. The upside to this is you also won’t be slaving away at the gym in January to shift those extra pounds like the rest of the nation, you’ll be ahead of the game.  So come next summer, you will be glowing and gorgeous and ready for that bikini again!  People think its crazy, but I carry on wakeboarding though the winter as well (as long as its not frozen or flooded), this keeps those crucial wake muscles engaged that can waste away so easily, and 30 mins is better than nothing, its still exercise; just make sure you’ve got a decent wettie otherwise you will freeze your tits off. 

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