WakeMK – Summer Jam 2011

Sadly, it seems the summer is coming to an end with all the cold weather.  However this also means its time for WakeMK’s Summer Jam!! 

There is a jam session, a massive cable, loads of prizes… what more could you want!?  Each category will get an hour on the water to show the judges what they can do which is then folowed by a two lap final. 


O’neill Wetuits, Daytona go karting, Nalu beads, Boarders Boards, Snozone, Go Pro, Sooruz, Hurley, Dragon, Slingshot, Bucks Boarding…. There is a Go-Pro to give away and lots of other goodies and the top three places from each category walking away with some of the action.  And most importantly, there are CASH prizes!!


-Pro Men (13+ inverts)
-Open Men
-Pro Women (3+ inverts)
-Open Women
-Pro Rail
-Open Rail
-Mini Jam

Entry Fee is £20 and £15 for additional categories.

As always if you pre register you get a two hour session for £15 before the day! Email info@wakemk.com to get a form sent to you.

WakeMK have been holding their Spring/Summer Jams for a good few years now and it is always a great event.  Even if you’re not a rider, you should get yourself down there to witness some sick riding from some of the top riders in the UK.  As always… get involved!!

Chicks Morning at WakeMK

What a great group of girls Sarah, Chloe and I had for the Chick Session at WakeMK this month!  It was 9am, it was already 17 degrees and the lake was so still you could see the bottom (not that you’d ever want to).  Some of the girls were itching to go and were straight on it, others took a bit of time to clear the sleep out of their eyes, but nothing a few face plants and stacks couldn’t get rid off! 🙂

We had all sorts of levels this week – some were trying to get up for the first time, some could just get round the cable, some were trying the kickers and some were styling on the sliders.  All sorts which we love as it keeps it interesting and fun.


Massive big ups go out to Nadine who took a horrendous front edge off the dock which resulted in a black eye and swollen lip, i hope you feel better soon!!  Also to two awesome girls who travelled up to MK by train and taxi all the way from South West London – Alise and Mahvahsee, we hope to see you again!  Everyone tried really hard this week, great to see. 

Of course we had some goodies to give out – it wouldn’t be a ladies morning without them!  Olena won the Wide-A-Wake goodie bag for landing a 180 off the kicker for the first time.  Ellie from WakeMK won the Nalu Bead prize for doing really well as she has only just started riding, and Mahvahsee won the Two Seasons vouchers because she had a few rocky starts, but then nailed it and managed to get round the cable for the first time at MK!  Well done ladies!

Great morning with the girls, thanks for coming and hope to see you at the next one!! x

Sup Bray Lake!

So I have seen a fair amount of SUP’ing here in the UK but more in Portugal – its usually greeted with tuts and loud irritated sighs because SUP’ers can sit further out in the line up and catch waves before shortboarders, and even longboarders.  However, its something I’ve wanted to try purely because its water based, its something new, something different and something that looks like it could come in handy on those flat days at the coast!

I was at Bray Lake doing some bits with Nalu Beads and when we’d finished the water was like glass – the perfect opportunity to try stand up paddle boarding for the first time! 

I had a brilliant time SUP’ing and will definitely be heading there again, maybe I’ll even try a trip down the Thames for a pint…  🙂 

Massive thanks to Simon and the rest of the team!!