Sup Bray Lake!

So I have seen a fair amount of SUP’ing here in the UK but more in Portugal – its usually greeted with tuts and loud irritated sighs because SUP’ers can sit further out in the line up and catch waves before shortboarders, and even longboarders.  However, its something I’ve wanted to try purely because its water based, its something new, something different and something that looks like it could come in handy on those flat days at the coast!

I was at Bray Lake doing some bits with Nalu Beads and when we’d finished the water was like glass – the perfect opportunity to try stand up paddle boarding for the first time! 

I had a brilliant time SUP’ing and will definitely be heading there again, maybe I’ll even try a trip down the Thames for a pint…  🙂 

Massive thanks to Simon and the rest of the team!!

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