Relentless Boardmasters

I’ve had a hectic few days down at the coast for Relentless Boardmasters.  I started my journey in Braunton at the Nalu Beads Head Office catching up with the team which turned into a few drinkies and a brainstorming sesh.  Then an early start on Thursday, Newquay bound to set up a Nalu workshop outside Anns Cottage on Fistral, which went very well despite the weather.  Evening came and after some dinner it was time to head to the Beach Bar to carry on the evening – drinking, dancing and fun times were had!

Friday morning we were all a little sleepy but nothing a trip to the local greasy spoon couldn’t fix.  Nalu had been invited to hold the Friday workshop in the Roxy tent which was awesome.  They were there in full force designing Roxy t-shirts and trucker hats with spray paints and we got to make our own as well.  It was super busy and we were going strong all day, people left right and centre wanting to get some Nalu Bead action.

Fellow Nalu Team Rider, Corinne Evans, and I had kindly been invited by Cadburys to get involved with a TV show they are sponsoring, Minute to Win, so we went to the Cadburys Spots v Stripes arena to play some games which was so much fun!  There were so many people getting involved which was great to see.  We also got to play games with and interview Charlie Simpson (of Fightstar and also a solo artist) and Leon Taylor (Team GB Olympic Diving Silver Medalist), it was good to see what they were up to now!  Charlie has been working hard on a solo album and was doing two shows at Boardmasters, one at Fistral and the other at the main Festival site at Watergate Bay.  Leon is working hard on motivational speaking and getting involved with the build up to Olympics 2012.  Both very interesting and nice guys!

After a very busy Friday, I headed to the festival site to party which included drinking desperados, eating burgers with proper chedder in and dancing to the Klaxons.  Good times.

Saturday morning was welcomed with a fry up to recover my fuzzy head.  The day was made easier with the massive sofas in the Headland Hotel lounge which is where I spent a good few hours hanging out and watching the surfing.  It was a good thing I felt back to normal just in time for a lifestyle photo shoot with Dragon out on the rocks on Fistral Beach.  Dragons everywhere! Loved it!

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