Beads, Butlers & Brighton

What a weekend!  I can now say that swimming in the sea, eating vietnamese food and drinking champers completely gets rid of the common cold.  It was my cousins hen-do and we were rocking it in full force in Brighton!!  Friday night was full of catching up (with champers) and some yummy pho, then rest for the Saturday shenanigans.

Saturday was welcomed with a dip in the sea to rid us of our fuzzy heads before tucking into bacon butties.  Everyone wandered off for a spot of shopping while two of the other bridesmaids and I headed back to the appartment to prepare!  As the girls started to come back, we had our lovely well dressed butler at the door ready with a glass of champers for them.  Pictures of their faces were priceless!!  Drinking carried on with more eating and then we headed out for some, well, more eating – afternoon tea to be precise.  We headed to a cozy little tea room which was absolutely filled to the brim with Royal Family memorabilia for high tea and of course, more champers!  The Queen was there as well.

The rest of the evening was spent in a couple of very nice bars on the waterfront and then followed by drinking games in the Parisian Boudoir which we had all to ourselves, and schooling onlookers by throwing some shapes on the dance floor.  Oh, mustn’t forget the 2am fry up at a greasy spoon as well…

I was able to take some gifts for everyone in the way of Nalu Beads.  So, while drinking champers, everyone was getting involed in making something with their kits, bracelets, necklaces, pendants..  Seeing as we were in Brighton and there is now a Brighton Nalu Bead (which is now available on the Nalu Website), we worked these into our designs!

The weekend was absolutely brilliant, we were all up for a party, the sun was out, the sea was warm, the butler was in the buff and the champers was flowing!

My cousins wedding will be taking place in Angers in France in early September which I cannot wait until and am already soooo excited!!  It will be so much fun to see people there that were at the hen-do and get to party together (and eat) some more.

Les temps d’amusement à Brighton avec les amis. Voir-vous en France!

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