Skate Bowl

I recently had a trip to a skate bowl. I don’t recall ever using one before so I was pretty excited about this! I can skate as a mode of getting around. I used to use my longboard as a form of transport when I used to work at a lake and also on my year at Uni in California – I mean, why wouldn’t you take a longboard to California, right? But I am not a skater, I can’t do tricks, I can’t hit stairs or rails.. heck no. Thats for people with way larger cahoonas than me.

But I was excited about this because of my wakeboard, surf and snowboard background, I thought I’d be able to surf the bowl… well, I was terrible! But it was my first time, and I can tell you it will definitely not be my last!

Fun times down at the skate bowl.

Mystic Active Wear

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new new active wear from Mystic Boarding. I feel I have waited a long time for this and they did not disappoint!

I’m wearing the Ease Top and Legging which are both super comfy, flexible and fit like a glove! The top is supportive but not restrictive, and the bottoms stay put and don’t slide down when doing squats in the gym. It’s a multi purpose get-up so I use it for everything: yoga, gym workouts, cycling, hiking… wear it anywhere and everywhere!

Summer of Wakeboarding in the UK

We’ve had a great summer in 2022! The UK opened up and it opened up good. Real good. And I loved it. The weather showed up gracing us with many a heat wave and then I even managed to get abroad for the first time in three and a half years… THREE AND A HALF YEARS!!!? But that’s for another time.

This summer has been filled with as much lake time as I could fit in. I’ve said this before, but my wakeboarding time usually runs from when the lakes open around March / April and runs through to July. And then I seem to get crazy busy and pick it back up again in September, through until the lakes close for winter. (Holler at me lakes that stay open through the winter!)

Kit wise I’ve been on the Hyperlite Soul Mate which I absolutely love, System Low Backs and Gooey Boots. I then ride in Mystic boardies, the Luna Shorty or the Jayde 3/2mm full suit. Paired with the Star Impact Vest and the MK8 X Helmet for safety.

I have had some epic lines this summer too! I’ve been working on tricks that I had solid way back when before I had children… 10years ago. As you can imagine I have been pretty stoked this summer to get them dialled in again! Now its the big leap of learning new things – things that start to hurt again haha!

Wish me luck.