south africa

I have just returned from the most epic trip to South Africa!  It was extremely refreshing and revitalizing to get some winter sun as well; I get a bit grumpy in the winter months when I don’t see the sun, but who doesn’t.

To start our 24hr journey, we had to get to Heathrow board an 11hr night flight to J’bourg.  We had three seats between four of us (the babe is not two yet so he’s on our laps). The kids took it in turns to sleep, and got huge amounts of joy kicking the shit out of one another to wake each other up.  We did not get a wink of sleep.  I did not get to drink my mini bottle of wine and watch Bad Moms.  It was not a good flight.  The next flight was shorter therefore better.  However, I felt like I was on a ferry for the next day from all the motion.  Weird.

Moving on from the travel we arrived at Sunstays apartments on Lagoon Beach where our apartment overlooked the Atlantic, and the bar had a view of Table Mountain (YAAAAASSSSSS).  The place had blackout curtains as well which meant the kids slept from 8pm – 8:30am.  Winning at life right there.

The week in Cape Town was filled with family lunches at vineyards, climbing Table Mountain (well, the cable car, can’t really climb it with the littluns), hanging out at the V&A Waterfront, eating lobster, taking boat rides, swimming with penguins at Boulders Rock, using the facilities like the gym and roof top pool, and chilling on the beach with a Hunters Dry in my hand.  It was a fantastic week!

Then we moved on to Knysna where we stayed at Strode House.  This was epic.  It had incredible views, a pool and a friggin HOT TUB!!  Yes I drank wine in the tub while stargazing and loved every minute of it.  We took a trip to the Elephant Park where we got to feed the elephants (amazing!!!), trek through a pretty scary jungle where we got eaten alive, shop at the cute boutiques, (yes I bought my body weight in swimwear), found an epic backpackers lodge off the beaten track where we had lunch nearly everyday, got to have Valentines Day dinner in a ridiculously beautiful restaurant over looking the lagoon, and generally hit the beach and the pool and enjoyed the sun!  I even went boogie boarding.  Yes yes, boogie boarding.  There was an alright looking right hander about 300yards off shore, but no one was surfing it and I certainly wasn’t going to be the first, way to sharky.

It was time for our South Africa travels to come to an end.  We started out on our 24hr journey home, the short flight was a doddle.  We had a Wimpy before we flew which was gross.  Landed in J’bourg with a 5hr layover.  We hit KFC, which was also gross – what KFC doesn’t serve any form of sauce??  Then time for the 11hr night flight.  We took off, the four year old was watching Finding Dory, the one year old was passed out on my husbands lap.  I got myself a mini bottle of wine and settled into my seat watching Bad Moms.  I was as happy as a pig in shit.  I nearly ordered another mini bottle (it was a Malbec as well, nice), but I thought as I was already tipsy (I hadn’t had my plane food yet and the KFC was hours ago), it was best not to get drunk while looking after small people on a plane.

It was a brilliant family holiday and I never wanted it to end.  A definite highlight was explaining to the four year old that Daddy is South African, so that made him half South African.  I was literally watching his mind being blown.  Too funny.