Player Layer: Eco Workout Leggings

Following on from again from my resolution blog… I have been given the chance to test out some eco conscious workout leggings!  I have been testing out the Eco Layer Leggings from Play Layer over the past couple of weeks.  These are made from 25 recycled water bottles which I love, and I have been putting them through their paces in my normal week.

I have worn them all day (a few times) and they are super comfortable and fit like a glove.  I got a size 10 as I went by the measurement guide on their website, I’m glad I did as I usually just go for the 8 but they might not have been as comfy.

I’ve done yoga in them a number of times and absolutely no complaints there either, stretchy and allow any movement.  I even went to body pump in them this week to put them through the sweat test.  They were excellent, very supportive, and they are super high waisted so no crack on show while squatting (always a bonus).  Yes I was hot and sweaty, but no different than if I was in any of my other workout leggings.

Overall, a very successful test!  I will be wearing these on a weekly bases from anything from the school run to travel, from yoga to the gym.  Two thumbs up in my books.  And the fact that they are made using 25 recycled water bottles.. well that, I just love.

At the moment you can use the code: JB-ECO50 and get 50% off a pair of these bad boys. CLICK HERE

Photos: well I’d like to say that the juxtaposition of the leggings next to the ocean wave as deeper and more meaningful message about single use plastic and how its flowing into our oceans and harming our marine life, yet its amazing that it can be recycled into so much more, like clothing…. but I just wanted to show off my new artwork!

(Jokes btw, I care about the fishies).