Ladies Morning

We just had another ladies morning at WakeMK.  The sun was shining, the lake was flat and the girls were shredding!  We started at 9am with a warm up from KURUP FIT and then got straight on the water.  We had all kinds of levels from absolute beginner, to intermediate right up to more advanced.  Everyone was pushing it and trying new things, the warm weather helps with this as you don’t mind falling in and swimming a short distance.  As usual we had a few goodies to give away.  Its always so difficult to give these out because everyone does so well, the ladies really push it every time!  But this month the WAW prize went to Katie, KURUP FIT went to Helen, the WakeMK Pro Coaching went to Vix, Two Seasons to Liz and the Nalu Beads went to Mel! Massive well done to everyone who came and got involved!

The next one is Sunday 19th August!  Look out for more details as there will be lots more going on!  🙂


If you haven’t heard, its the UK Cable Wakeboard Nationals this weekend at JBSki!  This event has grown a fair amount over the last few years which has called for it to be run over two days!  Its great to see more and more riders getting involved and so all the categories have grown making the comp a great watch.  If you’re in the area and have some free time this weekend, it would definitely be worth swinging by to check out the riders battling it out with one another to be crowned National Champion!

I’m also stoked that my sponsors Two Seasons and Nalu Beads are involved in supporting the event this year!

See you there, Saturday & Sunday the 28th – 29th July at JBSki.

A Week in Waikiki

Aloha!  I’ve managed to cram in a lot while I’ve been in Waikiki!  The 11 hour time change makes you feel rough, but it actually helps you out as well.  I’ve been able to surf easily every morning before the waves get too crowded, and be done just in time for the breakfast rush to have passed.. win!

The best time to do stuff here is around lunch time as the sun is right overhead so its way too hot to sun tan, its tough, I know. But there is loads to do so I’ve had no problem keeping busy.

I’ve snorkelled at Hanauma Bay which is a nature reserve where you pay a small fee to go see all the beautiful coral reef and different kinds of fish.  I’ve climbed Diamond Head which is a volcano that last erupted 300,000 years ago, luckily it didn’t erupt while I was inside it, that would have been awkward.  I’ve been to Honolulu Zoo and the Aquarium, been a couple of miles out to sea on a sail boat to where the reef drops off – the ocean goes from turquoise to inky blue, I’ve even been to The Cheesecake Factory which is rumoured to be the busiest restaurant in the world, and I’ve surfed a longboard a couple of times!

The waves here have been pretty small with no power to them, and Waikiki is famous for longboarding so it was good to try something new.  You have to slow everything down on a longboard, its much more chilled out and people of all ages are catching waves!  I played on my shortboard though and had some fun times, as you can see below.. pretty small!  🙂

I’m off to the North Shore for a week now and am so excited to see all the famous surf spots!!  Its the wrong time of year so I don’t think my board will be getting wet anytime soon but its 27 degrees so I think I’ll have to suck it up.  Aloha!