Pregnancy and Fashion?

IMG_3232As you know I’ve not really been riding much this past year due to being pregnant.  This has definitely tested me as getting on the water is who I am.  The last laps I did around the cable was in September – only because it was pretty much the last time I could fit comfortably into my wetsuit… otherwise I would still be going now!  But even that last ride seems like a lifetime ago!

Also by this time of year I would usually have spent two weeks in Europe searching for sun and surf, but not being able to fly put a stop to that.  So my last surf was in Hawaii (not that bad, I know), in July which seems again, forever ago!

So what have I been using as my vice during this time?  Apart from moving house, hosting Christmas, preparing for the new arrival and consuming my body weight in cereal swimming in milk… I’ve been looking at clothes.  Lots and lots of clothes that I can’t wear and trying to modify them or find alternatives so that I can wear whats on the racks!  Also finding out if pregnancy and fashion even belong in the same sentence..?

photo-1So here’s what I’ve done to get me through pregnancy without going near a smock, much like the ones our parents would have worn in yonder years..

H&M.  Hardly anywhere seems to hold a maternity range in store, and the ones that do are not at all flattering, seriously, not happening.  However, I found H&M holds a range that doesn’t make me want to hurl. Yes there are a few things that you would steer clear of but most of it is cute as its adapted from what they are selling in their current lines.

Buy bigger sizes.. I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of May so I wasn’t too worried about my summer wardrobe as I tend to wear baggy tops anyway.  When I did my Two Seasons winter clothing order in July I had to think ahead.  I ordered everything in bigger sizes (and luckily the Billabong winter range was a baggy fit this year!)  I kept trying on clothing and then stick a rolled up hoody up my top to see how much give the item in question had!  Laugh all you want, but you have no idea what size you’ll be and its quite stressful!


Keep checking out the magazines to see whats available for the season, then hit the more price friendly stores to find similar items.  After all, you really don’t want to spend good holiday money on clothing you’ll only wear for maximum a couple of months..

427657_465079563528652_1840733149_nAccessories!  I have gone a little crazy with these because at least you can wear them all the time and you won’t grow into or out of them.  A new piece of jewellery can transform an outfit, this also applies to a new bag, a scarf or pair of shoes.  I’m a big fan of nail polish as well so I’ve been giving myself weekly manicures.  I’ve not felt my best during the last month of pregnancy so anything to make me feel that little bit more special has been worth it!

photo 3

So to conclude, I think pregnancy and fashion can coexist however its definitely not an easy task, and its also not a comfortable one!  Thats my little pregnancy fashion blog, a bit different from the usual riding/surfing blogs but they will be coming back as soon as I’m back on the water! 🙂

Wish me luck, I’m due next week!! x