Tuesday Takes

I thought I’d round up some of my favourite images from the past couple of weeks into one place for some easy viewing.  Here are some Tuesday Takes… 

But first, let me take a selfie.


Not long till Florida!! 

531199_411531805550095_1305332535_n - Version 2

Suitcases are THE best thing ever. 


Dive in


Lunchtime never looked so good. 


Still in love with my revamped office. 

photo 2-4



We moved into our home nearly two and a half years ago and of course we were stoked that we could finally have an office!  What a luxury compared to our one bed apartment in Kingston.  We moved our stuff out of storage (along with Jon’s desk) and bought an Ikea bookcase for our new office.  It did ok for a while but it wasn’t an easy-use office, everything was kinda everywhere and a bit disorganised.  I never worked in there. Being a new year and feeling better n’ all, I decided to revamp the vibe.

Old office – and that was after I cleared the desk, which you couldn’t see at all. 

photo 2-5

New office

photo 2-4photo 3-3photo 4-2

– I kept it cheap by painting the existing furniture, its not fun but its satisfying to see the end product.  I used a coat of primer and a couple of coats of wood paint. 

– I recycled things from around the house such as the cacti. 

– We went through most of our paperwork and got rid of anything that wasn’t needed, this was two bin bags worth – so it was worth doing!

– The desk lamp I bought from Homebase and got a low energy lightbulb. 

– Shelves from Ikea, cost about the same as hotdog meal – a must, no?

– I made sure everything was to hand according to its priority and how often we needed it, just to make life that little bit easier. 

I’m loving our new office space!  Amazing what a lick of paint can do to brighten your office vibe.  I want to change out all the files to matching colours but I thought that was a bit excessive at the moment.  So theres still tweaks to be done but I’m happy with it for now 🙂 


Office for the Day

There is absolutely nothing that I don’t love about summer.  The long drawn out evenings, the warmer days, not wearing millions of layers, riding in skins, the smell of sunscreen and generally feeling happier because the sun is playing ball.  One of my favourite things about the weather hotting up is that I work from home which means my office can be from the blissful sun trap of my own garden…  Happy days xx

photo 5