Easter Riding

This year I had most of the Easter bank holiday off which was amazing!  I also could justify having chocolate for breakfast, which was also amazing.  The sun was out and the lakes were warm, it was riding time…

I spent some time at the Quays on their System 2, so much fun and who doesn’t love catching multiple edges?  However, I was rewarded later on when we headed over to Thorpe to watch the cable madness while sunbathing and throwing back a couple of Coronas.

I also went to WakeMK.  I made sure I got there early to get some glass which paid off.  The lake was quiet and flat at that time of day on Easter Sunday and I had a great shred!

Such a fun Easter riding and munching on loads of Easter eggs, hope everyone else did as well! 🙂

Spring Jam 2011


It was the Sping Jam down at WakeMK last Saturday.  It was warm and sunny and the lake was soooo flat – you just wanted to ride all day! 

I came 3rd in the Pro Womens.  Steph Caller took 1st place and Chloe Goudie followed up in 2nd. 

The Pro Mens was great to watch with the likes of Ben Hitch, Jonty Green, Will Manns, Gary Stelfox and Declan Clifford. 

Great comp, looking forward to the Summer Jam later this season 🙂

Pre Season Surf Trip

I didn’t ride much over the winter due to the freezing cold and the the lakes being frozen over.  I think since January I rode maybe four times, and I was not loving it!  I hurt for about a week after everytime I got on the water.. not good. 

The chance came up to head away for a two week surf trip and I jumped at it.  I had my new surfboard freshly waxed up and I was ready to go.  I noticed after my first day out that not doing any form of physical excercise over the winter was a mistake.. 

Two weeks away surfing works amazingly and I have come back to wakeboarding feeling fit and ready for the season ahead!