Tuesday Takes

What has been going on here at HQ…

I’ve eaten well, some good, some bad and lots of chocolate – obvs only take photos of the good stuff though. 


Ethan had a little photoshoot with Little Munchkin Photography on the weekend and I can’t wait to see the finished product! 


Tested out white nail polish with glitter tips – super easy to do.  I’ll do a How To at some point!


Working…. been busy with the houses and coaching.  


We’re slowly potty training here so starting off with nappy free time while at home.  This morning I had the pleasure of cleaning my cream carpets that Ethan had kindly shat on, stepped in, walked all around the living room and half the kitchen.  Yay fun times! 


Sort of Cable Review

While on our little vacay to Florida, we decided to go in search of a cable; well I did and so dragged the family along for the ride.  We found Miami Aktion Park about half an hour from where we were staying.  Its a brand new cable, not even open yet, the pro shop was still empty and the rental kit hadn’t even been christened.  The place looks like its going to be insane though.  You walk down to the dock where you get to take your pick on which cable to ride, a clockwise or anti-clockwise!  Both cables have a few unit features so far, with much more planned.  Over at one end you have a System 2, and the other end you have your wakeboard boat… it caters for everyone.  Up top, its got a tiki style rest area where you’ll be able to chill and refuel after your ride.  The pro shop is massive and I can only imagine what its going to brimming with, it is the States after all!

I’m almost glad it wasn’t open as I wouldn’t have been able to sink my teeth into it – and it would have majorly depressed me if Jon could have ridden I me not!  How much would that have sucked!  

Choices choices… 

IMG_7195 - Version 2

Just some of the rental kit… Hyperlite sponsored lake, yeah! 


So you know where you are


Mandatory family holiday snap


Uneasy Rider

I am 31 weeks preggers now (YEEEESSSS only 9 weeks left / Ooohh shizer only 9 weeks left).  Alas it has not been an easy ride this time, completely different to Ethan.  The first time around I was wakeboarding up until 5 months pregnant (until I couldn’t fit in my wetsuit anymore), I was doing yoga and I was walking an hour a day up until he was born.

Oh how different things are this time..

This time I managed to do buggy bootcamp until I hit the eight week mark I think – which made me feel absolutely pathetic.  But I was so tired and had bad nausea that exercising was the last thing I felt like doing – the last bootcamp I did I started to get tunnel vision so I knew it was time to stop.

I only rode a couple of times as well, once at Club Wake because it would have looked odd if I didn’t ride and I was still in the awkward early stages where you can’t really tell people.  And I rode in Ropes and Wires at BEP (anyone who saw me that day can vouch that I was rough as anything, I said I was ill but it was in fact, morning sickness!)

Once the morning sickness had subsided and I was over my cold as well as the two stomach bugs, along with the dawn of a new year, I got my act together and started swimming and doing some baby yoga.  I was feeling good but a couple of weeks in I caught another cold… and then another one.  I know colds are not that bad, but let me tell you, they suck while being pregnant and running around after a two year old.

I was lucky enough to go to Florida where I had a fabulously relaxing time and upon my return found out I’ve got low iron levels, which explains the extreme tiredness and shortness of breath (sooooo fun).  I started the iron tablets as prescribed and my body rejected them which may as well have been another stomach bug.  Testing out another kind as we speak. 

So now I’ve reached the final stretch, not long to go!  I can’t tell you how much I’m dying to get on the water, or lift a kettle bell, or wake surf, do circuits, yoga, walk more than 50 yards without back pain, ANYTHING… I just want to move my body!  I can’t wait until I don’t have to take a break and sit down while making a cuppa tea!  And I can’t wait to get my pre baby body back! 

I know its all worth it in the end and I really can’t wait to meet this little human I’m growing, but its not been an easy ride.  Its really really hard work making a baby!