Spring Favourites :)

I am so happy that Spring has sprung!  I like winter when its crisp, blue skies and snowy, but its usually grey, windy and rainy on our little island that is the UK.  Spring is my favourite season because it flows into Summer, and from the moment you see the blossom on the trees you know you have at least six months of decent-ish weather.

Here are a few things that will be brightening up my Spring.. 🙂


Can’t live without my cut off denim!                     Bit of white to brighten up my beach look.


Bright happy nail polish!!                                      Nalu Beads are the best summer accessory.


         Loving the patterns for this summer by Billabong!

Assessment Day

I met with Sharm from KURUP FIT last weekend for my PT assessment, this was going to tell me if I’d progressed since my first one in October.  I’ve had six training sessions with Sharm and I’ve tried to keep active during the gaps, including over Christmas – but it was still judgement day for me!  No alcohol the night before, no caffein in the morning and a good nights sleep would ensure the best possible results.  I was a little nervous as I am not a member of a gym and the only working out I do is on the water either wakeboarding or surfing… and its winter so that has been pretty limited!  However, I did my best and tried to make better food decisions as well.

Sharm started by taking all my vitals.  My blood pressure and resting heart rate were a tad lower (they were never bad anyway!)  My body was measured for fat and also to see if I’d lost or gained in places.  Well my body fat decreased, and I lost millimetres / centimetres in areas.  However I had gained mm’s or cm’s in other places.  Once the results were all taken and explained, I had lost fat and gained more muscle which also increased my weight.  This was one of my goals so I was very happy with that! 🙂

The one goal I really wanted to beat was the 1.5 mile run – which I did!  I shaved 3 minutes and 22 seconds off my previous attempt.  I increased my Swiss ball ab crunch test, but the crazy improvements were for the lateral muscle test (side plank) and the press up test. Side plank I could hold for 28 seconds and this time I held it for 72 seconds!  Press up (full that is, none of that girly stuff), before I could barely do 6, now I can bust out 23 in a row!  I was stoked to see such an improvement in such a few amount of sessions with Sharm, I thought I’d see a slight improvement but not as much as that.

The other thing we were working on was my flexibility as its pretty poor for someone who does a lot of sport.. most of my muscles Sharm tested had become more flexible but there are still a few parts I need to keep stretching out consistently.

So overall, my fitness, strength and flexibility have all increased which were my main goals.  I’m really happy with the outcome and its made me want to train harder and more often – if I can improve that much in such a short space of time, then I’m excited to see what I can do in the next few months.  I’ve even invested in a swiss ball and a balance half ball thing for squats.. 🙂

Train with Sharm and get the results you want.

Contact Sharm:  Kurup Fit – sharmy@kurupfit.co.uk – 07968854397