I’m donating a foot of hair!

On the 4th July 2018, I will be chopping off my long locks to donate to the Little Princess Trust, which is a charity that makes wigs for poorly children who have lost their hair.

At the same time, I will be raising money for Cancer Research UK.  This is because I feel that Cancer will affect most people in one way shape or form, whether first hand, or someone they know.

Please help me in any way that you can, the £’s really do add up!


Thank you!! xxx

How to wear a summer wetsuit: the Diva Black Series

Yesterday I finally unwrapped my lady balls from their cotton wool cladding and went wakeboarding in a super short shortie.  I’m not going to lie, its been a while since I’ve ridden in anything but a full 3.2mm or a full 5.4mm suit.  Why?  I hear you ask?  And no its not because I live in England, we’ll thats partly got something to do with it, but the main reason is that I feel it keeps me together, in search of a better word?

See, I used to jump at the chance to ride in a bikini and short shorts (it was below the knee boardies with your arse hanging out before this stage if you remember, not a good look), but since I’ve had kids, I’ve chaaanged.

A number of factors come into play here.  I ride less because I have two small humans to look after, they take up a lot of time; riding time.  I ride less because when I do ride, its for an hour, possibly two hours at a time, I don’t hang out at the lake all day anymore, (yet.. I’m getting the kids into it, I’m dreaming of days where I’ll have to drag them away from the cable).  So because I ride less… I hate to admit it, but I’m less confident on my board than I was pre kids, and with that comes a hint of doubt.. and when you have doubt, you can cock up on tricks.  And if you cock up on a rail, plastic hurts so I like to have some neoprene covering and protecting my entire body.  Also, your body is just different after having kids.  It just is.  Saying all this, I’m pretty calculated with what I try on my wakeboard, so I haven’t messed up to warrant wearing a full suit, for the past six years.

So like I said, I found my lady balls, dusted them off, and got my ass out for a delightful evening wakeboard session down at Club Wake Park.

How to wear the summer wetsuit; well, you order one, wait for the deliver, unwrap it, check it fits, head to the lake, slip it on, zip it up and work the hell out of it and have a great session!

After all that chat, here are some photos of the beautiful Mystic Diva Black series suit that makes you feel like a legit Bond Girl.

Thanks to Janni Saarinen & Keegan Rigby from CWP for the snaps!

Wake Daze: Learn to wakeboard or improve your wakeboarding on one of our wakeboard days or weekend retreat!

Calling all shredder babes!!

Come laugh, play and wakeboard with us on one of our Wake Daze or our Wakeboarding Weekend Retreat!

We’ve got loads of wakeboarding with one-to-one coaching, a great stretch & warm up for wakeboarding with lakeside yoga with yogi Parker Rose, a Nalu Beads workshop to let the lunch mellow down, more wakeboarding and hot tubbing. Also included on the retreat – dinner, camping and toasting marshmallows.  More info over on Wake Daze.co.uk!

Whether you don’t even know what a wakeboard looks like, or you’re smashing out the park and air tricks, there is always more to learn.  Come and ride with us to progress your wakeboarding.

Here is the edit from the Wake Daze back in July 2017, which was held down at Club Wake Park!  Edit from: fns creative.

Wake Daze Dates:

-19th May (fully booked)

-30th June (fully booked) *Stand up paddle board fitness instead of yoga*

-1st September (spaces available)

Weekend Retreat:

-28th & 29th July (spaces available) *over 18s only*

**Cancellations naturally occur so its always worth getting in touch to put your name on the wait list**

Email: lexballadon@gmail.com to book on and reserve your space!