Starting the new year knowing its not all going to bounce back to its 2019 glory straight away makes me feel a little deflated. However, I know that I have made the most out of a shit situation.

I started 2020 with a fantastic New Years day surf, which was very much needed, as the kids and I had been wiped out in December 2019 with what the doctors kept describing as a “flu-type virus” that they were “seeing a lot of.” Yes I took the first child who caught it to the doctors multiple times as we could not get his temperature down for five days straight, it hit 40.7c, and not just the once. We’re talking 3am windows open, wet towels fully dosed up and on the phone to 111, again.. multiple times. With myself and the second child getting sick… this period spanned three weeks. Like I said, the New Years Day surf was welcomed.

Refreshed and welcoming the new decade, 2020 started off well. I had the most amazing birthday where my husband had arranged a London stay over and a trip to see Cirque du Soleil!

Then Covid took over the news.

The schools were closed.


We made the most out of lockdown though. We had never been more grateful to have a garden, where we spent most of our time. And as all traffic / air traffic stopped, the world was silenced and seemed to breath.

The sun came out.

For six months straight.

We played in the sand pit, the paddling pool, and enjoyed family handstand practices. I had to get creative shooting my sponsored gear in the garden.. the garden shed came in handy as a back drop, and I rather enjoyed shooting The Pool Files. The garage came into its own as my husband created a gym. This gym has been our absolute life saver this year.

Never underestimate the power of a garage.

We went camping. Twice. One fantastic trip and one terrible trip. Our memories from camping in 65mph winds and sleeping in the car will never fade.

We celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary with dinner in the garden. I bought a new dress.

The schools went back and we didn’t have to homeschool any more. This was one of the toughest things for me this year. Not not seeing lots of friends and family, not not going on holiday, not not surfing; but homeschooling. We shared the efforts and then when my husband went back to work it was on me. I had a schedule and asked the school for more work. I ran a school day from 9am – 2pm. The five year old was allowed to go back to school for a month which was an unbelievably welcomed break… you try not being a teacher and planning school work and teaching a 5yr old and a 7yr old and let me know how you get on. This went on until September as they had missed so much school, we did have fun Fridays though, four days a week in the summer was enough. They also worked with tutors (online – of course) which helped too. Then my husband would get home from work, and I’d head up to the home office to start my work day.

This lasted six months.

Pass. The. Wine.

I was able to run four limited numbers Wake Daze events at Xtreme Wake. These were so needed and I can’t wait to see everyone and more new faces again next year! Dates coming soon.

I got to head to North Devon Wake Park with Watersports World to film the Virtual Dealer Days. The days were long but so fun and SO MUCH wakeboarding. I even went down a day early so I could surf. I surfed for three hours. Three hours guys! Usually with the family, we take power hour surfs so that we can both get in the ocean. But not that day.. that day I had no where to be. I even watched the sun set over the ocean.

I got to film an edit for Hyperlite with the 2021 Soul Mate!!!

Thank god the lakes were able to open (safely and socially distance – of course) this year. I made sure I hit the cable park once a week while I could. Which was made even better with a new board!

I’ve wanted to get into the habit of working out in the morning on the daily.. for FOREVER. The garage gym and lockdown has helped me actually do this. I’m loving having somewhere else to go and work out, even if it is -1c in there and the bars are like ice.

Christmas. Do I need to say anything?

We had a great day though, my folks even gave us half their turkey. Yep! A raw turkey cut straight through the middle. It tasted amazing.

So overall, I have learnt that we are extremely adaptable and can find the good in bad situations. I’ve learnt that my tolerance levels have increased or maybe I’ve got better at controlling them. I’ve learnt to spend my time wisely and not waste it on things that don’t add value. I’ve learnt that as long as you’ve got your most important parts of your life in order – mine are family, friends, work, health and activities – you’re good.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope to see you on water in 2021! xx

Plastic Free July 2020

If you didn’t know its Plastic Free July… Will you be joining in and making more of an effort to cut down your plastic waste?  This is not new news, but even if you haven’t taken any steps so far, you can easily start NOW!

Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you out:

Reusable Water Bottle: These are EVERYWHERE, its so much better for the environment when you reuse a bottle rather than buying one every time you’re out, and might I add a hell of lot cheeper long term.

Reusable Travel Mug: Again, super easy to get hold of and you get money OFF your take away coffees when you buy in a store.  We invested in a coffee machine a few years ago.  Heres some quick math for our yearly coffee expenditure: x2 coffees five days a week at an average of £3.50 is £1820 per year!!  Break down the cost of our coffee machine and the coffee we buy for it, and it comes to £268 per year.  Thats a saving of £1552 per year… if that’s not an incentive to get a travel mug then I don’t know what is.  And knowing that you’re NOT contributing to the millions of takeaway cups being thrown away every day is a good feeling as well.

Flask: As a family we are outside as much as possible.  We take supplies with us for the day for a number of reasons.  A couple are that we can eat when we want, we don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to buy food from and we are not buying more food in plastic packaging.  One thing we always take out with us is a flask filled with hot chocolate for the kids, they absolutely LOVE sitting on a log in the ‘wild’ and sipping on a hot choccie.  I also fill it with coffee for long bike rides..

Cutlery: Invest in some portable cutlery so that you can eat your homemade lunch, or store bought lunch that needs a fork, so that you’re not using a plastic fork once and then binning it.

Reusable Bags: This should be second nature by now otherwise I presume you’ve mastered the balancing act of all your groceries.  I’ll admit, its a skill.

To help you on your Plastic Free July Journey, I’ve teamed up with MIZU and snagged you a 20% discount code for the entire month of July!  Just use the code MIZULEX on checkout to get your 20% off anything you wanted to help you along your Plastic Free Journey 🙂

2 Years of Yoga Everyday!

Two years ago on the 20th June 2018, I started doing yoga every morning.  If you didn’t catch it, you can read all about my 365 Days of Yoga and all the benefits I found from practicing my new morning routine.

I’m happy to say that after I completed my year of yoga, I continued on.  I have now completed my second year of yoga with only missing a few days.

Until Lockdown.

With the kids school closed, it meant that I had more time flexibility in the mornings because I wasn’t doing with the school run.

It started with getting up a little later for morning yoga and fitting in workouts during the afternoons.  After a week or so it shifted to working out in the mornings while using yoga as my cool down.  However, with the endorphins flying round my body, I was purely focussing on the stretches and not giving any thought to the mindfulness and breathing side of yoga.

A year into morning yoga, my plan was to fit in a 20mins hiit/cycle/run before hand, but I only managed this a few times.  Why?  Because I find it hard to get up early in the winter.  You would think that years of getting up at 6:30am for school and 5:30am for the London commute, would have programmed me into a early morning machine… but no.  I hugely dislike getting up in the dark.  This is also why I needed to implement morning yoga into my life in the summer months, and why I’ve now started the early morning workouts… I just can’t start something like this in the winter, I find it far too difficult.

The Lockdown and the lighter mornings have massively helped with getting up earlier and so I have managed to get myself into our home gym (the garage), early most days.  I have an espresso and a homemade flapjack before working out to get me going, and I’m really into it!  Now one of my children has returned to school, I have to get in the gym earlier to be finished and ready for the school run.

My goal is to carry on these morning workouts even when school has completely returned and the sunrise gets later and later.  I know some people have to throw everything into starting a new habit / lifestyle change, but I am not one of those people.  I have to take small steps to make them stick.  If my goal was to get up an hour earlier every morning to do yoga, it would have lasted days.  Instead, I made myself get up just 10-20mins earlier which was far more achievable for me and has become a daily habit.

I have put the yoga in place, which took me a few years to commit to.  I have put the morning workouts in place, which has taken me nearly a year to accomplish.  Now, how long will it take me to implement workouts followed by yoga, and not just using it to stretch?

In my 365 Day of Yoga blog post, I talk about how much morning yoga changes my mood and sets me up in a positive way for the day ahead.  I get different result from working out because I’ve been far more active, I’m fired up and motivated for the day ahead.  I don’t prefer either vibe, I’m just happy to not be grumpy first thing in the morning when parenting anymore, which has been a HUGE help when practicing patience when homeschooling my kids through a global pandemic!

Have you been more or less active during lockdown and why?  Have you taken up a new fitness routine or hobby and what is it?  Who has drank more wine than normal?  I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

Wearing Active Wear by Island Feather