Bude, Beer and BBQ’s

I think the whole of the UK was stoked to hear the weather was set to be HOT last weekend!?  I know I was!  It was a 4am start on Saturday morning but there was a cuppa waiting in a caravan for me when I finally got to Bude.  The weather and waves were not desirable so we all headed into town for some Cornish cream teas, yum!  Other than the cream teas, another highlight was that one of the boys managed to spill a full glass of water straight into his lap and had to walk around town with a wet patch on the front of his trousers… I won’t name and shame.  The weather was still awful but we hit the surf anyway, the girls rocked it and we had fun times.  SAS were also there in full force doing a massive beach clean with a BBQ and wine afterwards.

Sunday… I woke up to the sun on my face. Hell yeah the sun was out!!  After some amazing eggs benedict, cooked by the girl whose caravan I was crashing in (thanks loads!), we all headed straight to the beach where the waves were pumping.  Post surf, we were all starving so we headed to a secluded cove to have a BBQ and sunbathe, it was beautiful with hardly anyone around.  I couldn’t resist getting another surf in before the long drive back to London.  The waves had cleaned up even more as the sun headed down over the horizon.  A brilliant way to spend a weekend 🙂

Gold Coast Oceanfest

I just spent the weekend representing Nalu Beads at Gold Coast Oceanfest in Croyde.  Its a really fun festival with loads going on and I loved hanging with the team, Corinne Evans and Laura Crane.  I got to see music acts such as Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Seasick Steve and Stevie Ray.  I got to see Nick Thorn finish the Lundy Paddle (39miles) and run up to the stage to be greeted by a cheering crowd as he finished the paddle and raised loads of money for charity. The weather was not on our side as it continued to rain and blow gale force winds on Friday and Saturday.  However, everyone was happy watching Seasick Steve on Saturday night as we were all huddled together and keeping warm on cider.

One of the main things that Team Nalu did, was eat.  I think we pretty much just ate all weekend and our aim was to eat something from every food vender.  There was a massive choice of food stands but my favourite was the burrito stand..

We spent some time hanging out with SAS or Surfers Against Sewage.  I even got to interview Hugo, the director! (video maybe coming shortly – depends how I did as it was my first ever attempt at interviewing anyone, ha!)  SAS organised a massive beach clean which took place on Croyde Beach for one hour on Saturday.  The rubbish was then stacked up so everyone could see just how much litter there is on our beaches.  It was quite scary that so much was picked up off Croyde in just an hour.. Pick up after yourselves and keep it clean!!

We also made it our mini mission to get people to rock the Nalu Bead look.  Seasick Steve and Ed Sheeran are now Nalu fans and sporting bracelets.  We also made headbands and necklaces for Neill from SAS and Wakeboarder and MC Matt Crowhurst

It was a fantastic event, I had an awesome time and I’m looking forward to next years.  Massive thanks to Oceanfest and Nalu Beads!!

Sunday – BEP & WakeMK

Windy times and hangovers didn’t put us off for ladies morning down at BEP.  New tricks were tried, new slider styling was had, new timers were smiling, boards were broken and front edges were being dished out left, right and center…we were on it!  Yeeah!

This month we seemed to have the early birds and the late birds.. about half the group were there from 9am and rode til we finished, and some sleepy heads rocked up at 9:30ish and rode for an hour.  The weather didn’t help as it was grey and windy, but we had a good group of chicks as always.  Thanks for making it fun so early on a Sunday and for the cuppa with six sugars.  The girls were rocking it though as new dock starts were being perfected, the Bern box was being sessioned and the transfer box was being shown who’s boss. 

It was a fun morning and I hope you can make the next one!

Later on that sunday, the rain clouds rolled in and the heavens opened.  For many this would mean vegging out on the sofa with munchies and a movie… but for me, it meant one thing: the beautiful rainbow rail down at WakeMK would be in perfect sessioning condition, and I was all over it.  Good times were had on that regular rainy Sunday afternoon.  Thank you rainbow rail, till next time. x