Bude, Beer and BBQ’s

I think the whole of the UK was stoked to hear the weather was set to be HOT last weekend!?  I know I was!  It was a 4am start on Saturday morning but there was a cuppa waiting in a caravan for me when I finally got to Bude.  The weather and waves were not desirable so we all headed into town for some Cornish cream teas, yum!  Other than the cream teas, another highlight was that one of the boys managed to spill a full glass of water straight into his lap and had to walk around town with a wet patch on the front of his trousers… I won’t name and shame.  The weather was still awful but we hit the surf anyway, the girls rocked it and we had fun times.  SAS were also there in full force doing a massive beach clean with a BBQ and wine afterwards.

Sunday… I woke up to the sun on my face. Hell yeah the sun was out!!  After some amazing eggs benedict, cooked by the girl whose caravan I was crashing in (thanks loads!), we all headed straight to the beach where the waves were pumping.  Post surf, we were all starving so we headed to a secluded cove to have a BBQ and sunbathe, it was beautiful with hardly anyone around.  I couldn’t resist getting another surf in before the long drive back to London.  The waves had cleaned up even more as the sun headed down over the horizon.  A brilliant way to spend a weekend 🙂

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