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I started to insert photos of my favourite bits from the year and write small captions about them as I’ve done in the past.  However, something stopped me.  I could fill this blog post up with all of my professional photos and show the glossy side of life… or I could write about those really tough days when I’ve been in with the kids all day and not interacted with a single adult soul, but I’ll do neither.  What I want to post is all my family and friends photos; days where we’ve been out adventuring with the kids and getting lost and muddy, those are the best days.  But they are personal photos and will remain safely stashed on my iPhone, mac book and hard drive or hanging on my walls at home. 

2016…. you’ve been a fabulous year filled with family and friends, wakeboarding, coaching, surfing and travelling.  Its been a crazy year of parenthood as I’ve strived to learn how to be a parent of two boys (yes they are still animals).  

As a family we’ve traveled to Dubai, Devon, France and Portugal, some of the trips we did with friends and family, some just the four of us, and they were all fantastic.  

I’ve had brilliant times coaching, both on the GB Squad on the Development Camps and privately, especially as my lil athlete Izzy Goode was ranked Number 1 in the World. 

I’ve loved shooting and filming for my sponsors and can’t wait for more next year. Thank you WaterSports World, Hyperlite, Mystic, Nalu Beads and Veho for all your support.  I’ve also enjoyed doing collaborations with other brands as well, the biggest one so far being New Balance. 

I’ve had some great highs and some horrible lows this year, but what this year has taught me is that my favourite bits are spending time with friends and family, and of course, keeping active and getting on the water. (Mummas gotta clear her head somehow!) 

I hope 2017 brings me more joyful times with the people and activities I love. 

So heres a photo I snapped – after a great wakeboard session and I was buzzing off my tits – that for me sums up my 2016. 

Happy New Year everyone, heres to an even better 2017 xx



w i n t e r r i d i n g

I was about to start writing about winter riding when I thought that I’d already covered this before.  So I searched and low and behold I found a blog I had written last winter!  I’ve revamp it to share with you xx

Ahhhh its that time of year again.. the time when the trees are bare.  The time when driving gets a bit dodgy because the sun sits in that awkward low position for most of the day.  The time when you never have enough windscreen wash in your jet things.  The time when the only thing you do in the evening is veg out in your pjs with a glass (bottle) of wine.  Basically that time of year when England turns into the shittest place to live.

Theres an up side as well though…   You know those rare bluebird days when theres been a frost and the air is crisp?  Those are my favourite days in the English winter.  Unless it snows… I’m always a fan of snow.

Those crisp days are the best ones to ride on, theres just something slightly magical about them, even if they are bloody freezing.  However, they don’t come about to often, so you just have to suck it up and ride in the miserable grey windy, drizzly weather this beautiful little island attracts.

So, how do we survive riding throughout the winter….?

  1. Go abroad.  Get on a plane and go ride somewhere hotter than here, preferably for the season and you’ll come back all tanned and smug because you’ve got a whole new bag of tricks.
  2. If you’re going to ride in the UK, get a decent wettie.  Don’t prat around with some useless piece of rubbish neoprene.  Invest.  I’m in the new Mystic Diva 5.3mm and its toastie warm. 
  3. If you’re rocking the open toe, get some socks.  Otherwise get your hands on some Systems because you’re basically walking around in a snug snowboard style boot – toastie tootsies!
  4. Gloves.  Its a coin toss really.  Do you want frostbite or do you want that unavoidable forearm ache that you only get with gloves.  I go for the arm ache personally.  Saves my manicure. 
  5. Maintenance.  If you’re landing new tricks in the winter in the UK – give yourself a huge pat on the back.  Otherwise, just maintain what you can already do so that you come into the next season ready to go.
  6. Take your mates.  Theres no fun in riding alone in the winter.  Fact.  And if theres people with you, you’re more likely to actually ride rather than sit in the cafe with a cuppa. 
  7. Flask.  Invest in a flask and fill it to the brim with hot tea / coffee / hot choc… you’ll be grateful post ride. 
  8. Leave time for a shower afterwards – to warm up obvs.
  9. If theres no shower, take a sleeping bag and drive home wearing it. 
  10. Fun is the word.  Just be grateful you’re able to get out there and ride.