Winter Workouts

Two days of bootcamp and I was ready for it this week, ready to get my sweat on and it felt great.  I find this time of year so important to keep up with my workout routine.  The summers over and you can cover up with layer upon layer of thick cozy jumpers and hide your body away as you stash those bikinis in the back of the wardrobe till next year. Its so easy to just relax and let things slide with the days getting shorter and colder.  Its much easier to stay in bed than hit the gym in the mornings, or bypass the circuit training in the evenings to get straight home to a hot meal, you really have to work at it. If you do stick at it, come January you won’t be feeling guilty about all the mince pies and alcohol you’ve consumed because you’ll still be keeping to you’re good habits rather than thinking – well I’ve had two helpings of pudding, may as well go for the hat-trick. The upside to this is you also won’t be slaving away at the gym in January to shift those extra pounds like the rest of the nation, you’ll be ahead of the game.  So come next summer, you will be glowing and gorgeous and ready for that bikini again!  People think its crazy, but I carry on wakeboarding though the winter as well (as long as its not frozen or flooded), this keeps those crucial wake muscles engaged that can waste away so easily, and 30 mins is better than nothing, its still exercise; just make sure you’ve got a decent wettie otherwise you will freeze your tits off. 

photo 1-3photo 2-2

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