10 m o n t h s

Hello!  How are you?  Sorry its been a while…. I’ve been busy….

I am nearly 10 months into parenthood with two kiddies and oh my, how life has changed.  I thought it was difficult organising things with just the one child, but with two?  Well, it just takes it to a whole new level.

I miss blogging.  Genuinely, I really do.  I used to get three hours a day, five days a week to get done what needed to be done with just the one child (nap times), so I would clean, tidy, cook, work, washing up, sterilising, washing, workout, blog, oh – and eat… And my husband would have weekends off for family time, trips and I would always scoot off to the lake to coach and also ride myself.  I didn’t realise that I actually had it pretty easy in the grand scheme of things.  Especially when I was finally able to afford childcare, a whole three days a week to myself!!!!  Well to work, but still, its amazing to not be mentally in charge of a small person.

Then I had numero two.  Jesus christ.

I knew I was in for sleepless nights, feeds every two hours, dirty nappies 1000 times a day, and crying for unknown reasons etc.  But you forget, or your brain makes you forget about the early days, or maybe you’re in such a hallucinative state that your mind can’t actually record whats going on.  Who knows, but what I do know is that I have never, EVER been that tired in all my life.

Now my ‘free’ time, I say this in inverted commas because I pay a lot for that free time – most of what I earn goes on that ‘free’ time, has been dwindled down to between two to three hours a day, two times a week.  So thats just six hours to get everything that needs doing, done.  I’m not going to lie, somethings have just had to go, like blogging, sniff sniff.  The house gets cleaned on a two or three week rotation at the moment, the food shop is hit or miss and the washing bin is NEVER empty – who would have thought one tiny extra being could create THAT much dirty laundry??

However in just three weeks time, my little baby is starting nursery.  Its a mixed emotion, I’m definitely going to cry when I drop him off the first 20 times, but these will be mixed with tears of joy.  Joy of freedoooooom!!

What will I do with a whole day and a half of child free time?

Well, work obviously otherwise I won’t be able to keep the kids in said nursery for very long.  Deal with the house stuff, very boring.  But the best bit is I’m dedicating a slot of time for riding.  I should feel guilty about this but I don’t, its what I love doing and it keeps me sane and happy.. and we know the saying – a happy wife equals a happy life.  So its just better for everyone around me if I take a couple of hours a week for myself and get some laps in.

Roll on April so I can shreeeeeeeed!! 


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