shred ready

I am so excited about this summer season.  I know everyone is but I’m REEEEALLY excited about it.  I was out pretty much the whole of last year due to my second pregnancy, recovery and learning about life with two kids. Don’t let anyone fool you – its hard, really hard.  Its the tiredness that kills you – you don’t sleep for the first nine months – you’re winning at life if you manage to leave the house with your eyebrows on.

I rode a bit here and there last year, grabbed moments when I could, but I couldn’t really get stuck in.  I couldn’t push my riding because it takes time to recover from child birth, and it seems to take much MUCH longer the second time, which I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting.  This is because you don’t have as much time – a little toddler is bouncing around with tonnes of energy, you’re tired because every night at least one of the kids decides to be a dick and wake up once or twice, house jobs are never ending, nap times are for work rather than napping yourself, and working out in the evening?? Whatever, thats for wine – to celebrate keeping everyone alive for another day.

I’ve been working with a trainer all winter alongside riding when I can just to get my riding fitness back up.  We’ve upped the game on the PT side of things now that my body can take a bit more of a beating and I’m getting stronger all the time.  My current goal is to get back to my pre second baby level of fitness which is still going to take a huge amount of effort but it’ll be worth it, once its done its done as there are definitely no more babies!

Next week my allocated weekly riding time starts and I literally cannot wait!! So this summer can bring it, I’m shred ready!  Eeeeeeeeeks!! 


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