Kettlebell Session

I’ve just had a training session with Sharm of KURUP FIT with kettlebells.  We use these most sessions, but maybe only once or twice.  This time however, I did nearly everything with either an 8kg bell or a 12kg bell.

As usual, we started with a warm up, jogging, jumping and lots of stretches.  I then went through two different circuits during the session.  The hardest thing I had to do was to pick up the 12kg kettlebell, do a deep squat and then use my squat power and momentum to push the bell above my head – you try doing that with ball that nearly weighs a quarter of your body weight!

As always, Sharm kept it fun for me while working me hard.  Every session I can feel I’m getting fitter and stronger!  Its always good to hear Sharms feedback after every session as she can see the changes as well, which is always a positive and great to know your workouts are paying off! 🙂

Contact Sharm:

Website – Kurup Fit

Email –

Phone – 07968854397

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