Girls Ride Day

The Girls Ride Day this year was amazing!!  It was the first year I was involved and I loved it!  Jules Haley put the day together at Quayside Wakeboard where girls could come hang out for the day.  There was loads going on.  The girls could ride the boat and / or the system 2, eat yummy hot dogs, load up on Relentless, get involved with the Nalu Beads workshop, have a massage from KURUP FIT, learn how to hoola hoop and all while basking in the sun!

Girls came from all over to be involved with the day.  We had girls trying wakeboarding for the first time, girls learning a new wake jump or a new invert, hitting the slider and some progressing with their big tricks.  Everyone was really pushing it!  Lilly from Wake Up Brighton was styling it on the box and Kat from WakeMK was trying backrolls.  Big ups go to Sharm and Lottie from WakeMK… Sharm tried her first backrolls on the system 2, and landed her fourth attempt, and Lottie landed her first blind judge!!  Well done girls! 🙂

Jules, Sarah and I had the chance to get on the water at the end of the day as well…

Massive thanks to Jules for putting the day together, Quayside for hosting, Phil for coaching, Abby for driving the System 2, Ollie for hot-dogging, Relentless for hydrating, Sharm for massaging, Sarah for helping out with the coaching, O’Neill for prizes, Nalu Beads for the workshop/goodies and all the girls who got involved!! 🙂

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