Wedge Sesh Sunday

It was Ladies Morning at WakeMK on Sunday morning.  The weather was rubbish, I’m not going to lie about it.  It was drizzling, grey and freezing, but the water was flat and the brave women who came out to play were greeted with an intimate wedge / kicker session right in front of the dock. 🙂

After a warm up from KURUP FIT to get us all amped up, we got on the water.  We had endless fun on the new wedge that WakeMK had just put in, its really mellow and friendly so its easy to learn something new, even I learnt a couple of new tricks on it!

We had some goodies to give away as usual.. Delphine won the Wide-A-Wake goodie bag as she nailed getting around the cable for the first time, well done for all the hard work! Olena won the KURUP FIT voucher for trying raleys off the kicker and taking a few stacks.  Sharm won the Nalu Beads prize for learning to nose press the box, yew!  And finally, Emsey won the Two Seasons goodies for learning a toe blind one, and a toe blind 3 on the wedge!  Sick riding girls!!



Thanks to all the sponsors who got involved: Nalu Beads, Wide-A-Wake, KURUP FIT & Two Seasons.  And big thanks to Sarah Kingdom for helping with the mornings!

For more photos click here

The next WakeMK Ladies Morning is on the 10th June, 9-11am.

4 thoughts on “Wedge Sesh Sunday

  1. Liz

    Are theses ladies mornings suitable for total beginners? I’ve been up and down the cable at grendon a few times but that’s it??

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