Nerves and Personal Bests

THAT comp came round very fast this year.  For me, the UK Cable Wakeboard Nationals is the biggest competition that I do in the wakeboarding calendar.  It is also the comp that brings along the most amount of nerves. Ever. I’m pretty much nervous from the British Trials in April for this comp.

This year, it was held at the beautiful set up which is WMSki near Cirencester.  The lake is clean and weed free, the toys are substantial and the cable has a nice pull to it.  They have a cafe/bar which kept me going all day, great camping facilities for the event and a friendly and helpful team.

All riders who weren’t there on the Friday had to be there for the riders briefing at 7am on Saturday morning which meant a 5am start for me trekking from London – and of course not forgetting the standard vanilla latte and blueberry muffin stop half way. 

As the comp kicked off the sun came out to play and the Daisy Dukes could be rocked which made me happy.  They seemed to get through the qualifiers for the other categories really quickly and next up was the Open Ladies being called to the dock, aahhh!  I was first out, which I hate more that peas, and I fell on an inside backroll on my first lap, doh!  As I was in last place, I had to head out first again for my second lap, luckily I landed the backroll, stuck a switch 360 and sliders and rode away.  The qualifiers were good from the ladies, everyone was pushing it and really styling it out on the sliders.

After some more sunbathing, some burgers and a snooze, it was time for the finals.  This time I wasn’t out first!  I put in an ok lap with a switch 360, inside backroll, boned out rooftop, gapped A-frame but then fell on the last toy which was weird as its a flat bar??  By this point I sadly didn’t have enough point for a podium finish, so I had to do something.  My second lap out I landed the 360 then went in for a backroll before corner 4.  Those of you who know me will know that this is a massive deal for me as I have NEVER landed an invert (let alone in switch) before corner 4.  I was kinda shocked that I’d landed it and came around for an inside backroll but due to the cut I had too much slack on the line and fell in after landing it, gutted.  However, this was the first time I have ever been able to do two inverts in a comp run, so that was a new personal best for me, stoooooked!! 

Overall, even though this was my worst result (6th), it was the best Nationals I have been to because it was the largest the Open Ladies category has ever been.  There were nine entered but eight rode.  Seven out of the eight girls were inverting and everyone was really styling it out on the sliders, it was brilliant to see!  I felt like it was the first time that anything could happen as everyone was good and everyone fell on at least one of their laps during the day… It was great to see the ladies stepping it up and progressing the sport in a positive way. 

Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

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