Chicks Sesh – shredding in the rain…

Ok so I know I go on about the weather but I spend most of my time outside so I can’t help it!  When Sarah and I rocked up for the chicks sesh on Sunday, it was miserable… the rain was pelting down which was just not cool.  However, when the weather sucks that much, you get the girls turn up who absolutely love wakeboarding and will shred no matter what! Its even more fun because everyone there is just so stoked to get on the water, we love it!

We only had a handfull of girls but they were giving it some.  We had a new girl called Steph join in who had never been on a cable before, she managed to get up and to the first corner for the first time!  She went away with the Wide-A-Wake goodie bag.  We were able to pull out the kicker infront of the dock and Anne, Olena and Rosie were trying new tricks and landing that.  We also got some double-ups going which Kyle and Chloe were filming from the boat, we had lots of fun with that!  The Nalu Beads and Two Seasons Prizes went to Sharm who landed a switch scarecrow for the first time!! Her first kicker invert, well done Sharm!! 🙂 

The morning was so much fun.  Thanks to those who got out of bed with the weather looking that miserable and got involved regardless, you girls really do make it!  The next one will be on Sunday 21st August at WakeMK.

Ahhh, post stack stoke…. gotta love it!!

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