Ten Feet High – Stop 3

I nearly didn’t make it up to the third stop of the Ten Feet High series due to the M1 being so bad with all the rain, however, I got up there to find a flat lake.  As the day went on the weather improved loads, dare I say it was even warmish?  The comp kicked off with the Rookies followed by the Ladies.  All the girls were throwing down their inverts and going big!  Great to see.  Inbetween the Wakeskaters and Intermediates there was a display from the world champion freestyle Jet-Skiier, crazy to watch!  He would go round in a circle to create his own double-up and then use it as a ramp while opening the throttle to do some sort of flip.  Then the Pro Men headed out for their comp leaving the judges with a tough decision.

Ladies – 1st Sophie Cordery, 2nd Chloe Goudie, 3rd Lex Balladon

World Champion Freestyle Jet-Skiier

Pro Men – 1st Gary Stelfox & Wee Man, 3rd Damon Bull

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