A decade of British Nationals

The past couple of weeks have been a tad hectic to say the least.  Last week I had Plastic Playground, and then its straight into the British Cable Wakeboard Nationals.

As always, I get nervous and stressed the week of the Nationals, and every year I honestly ask why do it to myself.. and since having kids, I’ve said to my husband after each one that I’m never doing it again.  After I had my first child I competed and came 6th (AKA last) – and I cried my bloody eyes out.  Then I rode last year only eight weeks after having my second baby and came 2nd, I cried but I had to keep reminding myself that I’d just pushed a baby out and to give myself a break.  But here I am, yet again.  Could this actually be my last Nationals?  God knows.

I started to think about how many Nationals I had competed in and so I started googling… My first one was in 2006, and I have ridden in every one following that, apart from 2012 due to being pregnant, and so this year it’ll be my tenth Nationals?!  W.T.Actual.F? 

Of course I started looking at my results over the past decade…  I’ve finished 4th four times, 2nd twice and 6th three times.  Could this year be the year I finally take the title home, albeit a Masters one?  That would be pretty poetic, wouldn’t it?  Or have I been watching to many romanticised hollywood sporting movies with great endings?  

Well I’ve ridden as much as can, and I’ve worked hard off the water to get my body feeling stronger again (and trust me when I say its been a hard slog mentally, emotionally and physically), and the time has come yet again to strap on my board and do my best to take home a title.

Wish me luck and watch this space… xx

Photo credit – Expix – at plastic playground 2016.

Photo credit for portrait at top of page – Nik Green from Watersport World.


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