Mother to Mother Interview: Amber Wing


This interview has been a long time coming.  It first started from an email back in August last year when I asked Amber if I could interview her following the birth of her son, she agreed and then it took me forever to actually sit down and focus on what I was going to ask her because you know… she’s Amber Wing!  So reading it is going to seem a little out of date now, but we got there in the end!  

If you don’t know who Amber Wing is, you should – she was the first woman to ever land a 900 and also the first women to ever land a double flip.  Amber has been training hard on and off the water, traveling and competing all over the world.  Her little man has even taken his first steps!  But here it is, after months of emails back and forth – Amber Wing’s, Mother to Mother interview.  Enjoy. 

LB – Hi Amber! First of all, a huge congratulations to you on the birth of your beautiful little baby boy!

Avoiding any gory details (we don’t want to put off any guys and mothers-to-be!), was the birth ok and are you recovering well?

AW – I had to have an emergency caesarean, William’s heart rate was fluctuating and then stabilised at 155bpm which is very high. I recovered well from the operation and after 6 weeks went for my first wakeboard.  It felt so good to be back out on my board.

LB – And how’s the little man doing? How old is he?

AW – William is doing great! He is almost 7 months, moving around (Walrus style). He is sitting up and playing with his toys and climbing on everything and anything so he can stand up. He feeds extremely well, loving his solids and I am still breast feeding him.

LB – As many will already know, I did not enjoy being pregnant… It certainly has its ups and downs. Did you enjoy the wonderful world of pregnancy? 

AW – Overall I would say no. I loved seeing my baby on the ultra sounds and hearing his heartbeat. Watching him move and feeling him kick was definitely an awesome part of pregnancy. I felt sick most afternoons and could barely eat dinner. Sleeping became extremely uncomfortable, I would have 5 pillows surrounding me, so could feel a little more comfortable.

LB – Did you manage to get any sleep towards the end?

AW – The last week was the worst, so uncomfortable. I didn’t get much sleep which I clearly needed but I can barely remember that now.

 LB – Have you cracked the sleeping through the night yet or still up in the night with no rhyme or reason?

AW – We are still up all the through the night with no rhyme or reason. We have good nights and bad nights. The longest he has slept is 4 hours, at the moment our good nights we are up every 3 hours, bad nights every hour. His first tooth has popped through so I am sure that has had something to do with his sleeping.

LB – Did you ride while you were pregnant?

AW – I never rode while I was pregnant. I fell pregnant at the end of the season, I had just finished my 12th season on tour, 24 straight summers. I had no reason to ride and decided this was the best time to take a long needed break. I had nothing to gain riding while I was pregnant.

LB – Did you generally keep fit throughout the pregnancy? And what did you do?

AW – Thats probably what I loved most about being pregnant. I went to yoga around 4 times a week, and for the last 8 weeks I went to the gym around 3 times a week. It felt good to do relaxed exercise.

LB – Did you have any weird and wonderful cravings?

AW – Haha yes! One day I was at work (Wing Wetsuits – my parents company) and I called Dean as I was starving he asked me what I wanted and I said a strawberry milk and a sausage roll. For those who know me that is something I don’t eat. It tasted so good.

LB – Are you back on a fitness regime at all? If so, what are your workouts of choice?

AW – Yes I am back. I have been at the gym. I have a PT session once a week and try to get in for at least 1 other session. I am also riding as much as I can which in Sydney is up to 4-5 times per week.

LB – When did you get back on the water and how good did it feel?

AW – I got back on the water at 6 weeks, it felt so good! I took it super slow, carving around for the first 2 weeks, then only jumping the wake for the next 2 weeks (8wks), only 180’s for the next 2 weeks (10wks) and at 12 weeks I started going for it doing flips and spins. It was really hard to hold back and take my time but it was worth it. I had no pain in my stomach and no hard crashes.

LB – I see you’ve been jet-setting all over the globe! Where have you been to and how was the riding?

AW – At 6 weeks William and I met Dean in Japan. Spent the weekend in Japan then headed back to Florida. a couple weeks later we headed to Portugal for the World Championships, I didn’t ride just spectated. After getting back from Portugal our next trip was to The Houston Pro in Teaxs. That was the first night I spent away from William, Dean looked after him and met me there the next day.

LB – How was flying with the tot? 

AW – He has been awesome on planes. Our first flights he was so little he just slept and ate and was content in my arms. We have our Orlando flight coming up in April, he will be 8 months, thats going to be interesting.

LB – Whats your plan with wake? Looking forward to taking a step back or dying to get back to competing etc?

AW – I am back competing. It is a new challenge for me and I want to see what I can achieve. I am excited to set up some demo days and clinics and get back into it. I have ridden in 2 competitions so far, the first one I went terrible and the second was a huge improvement. My first Pro event will be Moomba Masters in March.

LB – Whens the little man getting on a board then?

AW – Haha who knows. Dean and I love so many sports so looking forward to introducing William many different sports.

LB – Thanks so much for talking to us Amber, its been great to catch up! All the best with the coming season and your journey into the wonderful world of motherhood!

Any shoutouts?

AW – My sponsors have been so supportive through my pregnancy and with me getting back on my board and back into it. Rockstar Energy , Malibu Boats, Ronix Wake, Wing Wetsuits and Tommys Florida. Thank you for the trust and support it is greatly appreciated.


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