Last weekend Jon and I left our little bundle of joy with the folks so we could hit the road. It was the first time we’ve had a whole weekend together, baby free, in 18months and we guilty enjoyed every second of it.  We headed west to North Devon in search of waves.  As any landlocked UK surfer will know, to get decent waves on a free weekend you need the stars and moon to align, so we were pumped that we had the trifecta – waves, weekend and baby free!  We surfed so much that our bodies ached all over.  It was so fun to surf together because usually one of us is on the beach with the youngster – and its not much fun surfing on your own but at least theres always someone on the beach to take photos though…  The last time we actually surfed together was in Hawaii (I shouldn’t complain, I know) which was two and a half years ago!!  This was also the perfect warm up for our surf trip coming up in a couple of weeks which we’re frothing about.  

Putties from above…

photo 5

Surfed out…

photo 2-2

Rode this little beaut on Saturday and switched to a different board for Sunday, love mixing it up… 

photo 3-2

Cream teas and surf DVDs – gotta be done…

photo 4

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