European Driving | Milton Keynes

IMG_3447Are the English adopting more of a Southern Spanish style of driving?  I’ve just spent a week out in sunny Puerto Banus / Marbella and the driving over there  No one indicates.  Ever.  Being from Milton Keynes, we love our roundabouts and so therefore, love our indicating.  Its courteous to the other drivers and generally safer so no one pulls out underneath you.  However in Spain, no one gives a shit about anyone else on the road whether it be indicating, blocking a road off for some dodgy parallel parking or sitting in the outside lane of the duel carriage way / motorway leaving no room for overtaking.  The more I drive around Milk n’ Beans, the more I notice peoples lack of indication on roundabouts.  If you hadn’t guessed by now, it pisses me off immensely.  I’m not one for stopping at a roundabout, I roll up to it knowing at least 50yards in front of it whether I can drive on or need to stop.  BUT when doing this now, you get that sneaky Beemer cruising round from the right with no indicator on and they’re coming your way.  They look at you as you slam on the breaks like you’re a tool and yet its actually their fault as they’ve failed to show which direction they want to continue to travel in.  So, on the basis of my last trip to the continent, I think we are definitely adopting a European style of driving.  Unlucky for those driving super nice cars as the other thing they don’t give a shit about is watching their doors when they’ve parked next to you.

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