Ethan’s First Day

Finally, after 19 months of juggling being a mother and working from home I decided to enrol little Ethan into nursery.  It was time, some people do it earlier and some people don’t do it at all.  I was getting to the point where I was having to turn down work due to childcare and so it was a natural progression for us which I love.  Up till now I’ve been very fortunate to have the help from grandparents when I really needed baby cover but its exhausting trying to organise!  Example, for me to work one full day, it requires the planning of a Marine; from myself, to my husband, the grandparent involved, the people I’m working for or with… its a serious military operation.  And the emails!  All the to’ing and fro’ing pencilling in dates, confirming dates, lining people up… its a pain in the ass. Its like a humungous weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I’ll now have two baby free days a week to organise work without any military organisational skills needed.

So yesterday was Ethan’s very first day at nursery.  I’m not going to lie, when he saw me leave, he cried his eyes out, and then of course, so did I feeling like a terrible mother.  I’m not deluded though, I know in a few weeks he will be gagging to go play with his new found nursery buddies and I’ll happily drop him off with a smile on my face knowing I can be myself for the day. 

My tips:

Look around a few nurseries to see what you like.  I sent him to the first one I looked at as it reminded me of my old school (Fernwood) which had a very homely vibe to it.

I also chose one that takes them all year round and not just in term time, seeing as school holidays are my busiest time it made sense.

Do the settling in days and if the team tell you to leave, then just leave.  The quicker you get this sorted the quicker you will both adjust.

Make sure you give your precious a cuddly toy from home so they have something to comfort them in their new surroundings.

Know its for the best.  The time apart will do you the world of good.  They will develop and grow and you can have some time to yourself, whether it be for work, house cleaning, wakeboarding, lunching, mani/pedi… whatever, just be on your own!

Organise something to do on their first day so you’re not aimlessly wandering around like an idiot.  I filled my day yesterday and guiltily, enjoyed every minute of it.


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