Arms | Workout

Bootcamp was fun yesterday.  Ten stations, ten different exercises, 45seconds on each one, repeat three times.  When I was pregnant I couldn’t workout as much as I wanted to, more because I just didn’t feel like I had the energy rather than anything else.  Like anyone else, I have parts of my body that I’m unhappy with and parts that I love.  Well the things I normally love about my body are my arms, with wakeboarding they are always in shape and I never worry about wearing sleeveless clothing items.  But during my pregnancy I hated them, they became extremely untoned and wobbled all over the shop.  It took a fair amount of work and a some time to get them back to what is normal for me.  

photo 1photo 3

A few tips for toning your arms: 

Push Ups | anyway you can – on your knees, use the kitchen side or bench, full press ups

Dead Lifts | you can get different kettle bells weights / a gallon of water (see top photo)

Swings | kettle bell swings

Tricep Dips | Using a bench or kitchen chair

Wakeboarding | This gets the guns engaged

Surfing | Just paddling around is a workout in itself

Keep your eyes peeled for more work out tips! 

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