C | W | P

I had a fun ride over at Club Wake Park this past weekend.   Toby and the crew have been super busy over the winter doing up the place and its looking sweet.  Theres a new shop (where you can pick up some fresh new Hyperlite boards), the changing rooms have been pimped AND if the previous comments haven’t grabbed your attention, they even have a new cable.  Its a new Wake Station (straight line cable) that rides really well, def get over there and test it out when you can.  As you know I love experiencing new places and ways to ride and I shall be hitting CWP again this summer for sure! 

The set up is really fun and built for riders.  You have a flat box, a long flat bar, a roof top, two mini kickers and two normal kickers.  There is also a quarter pipe thats sometimes thrown into the mix.  So if you’re an intermediate or seasoned pro there is plenty for you to sink your teeth into.  If you’ve never stepped foot on a wakeboard before, the Wake Station is a perfect way to learn, one on one tuition and the cable goes at your speed.  All info can be found on their website – http://clubwakepark.co.uk



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