Girl Talk | Charlotte Bryant

I caught up with Pro Wakeboarder Charlotte Bryant recently to talk wake, fitness and her upcoming season…. 

image-4-Hi Charlotte, hows things?  
Hi Lex, things are good thanks! 

-So I see you’re cruising the new Hyperlite kit, hows that going?  Yeah pretty awesome, have only been out on the board once and think it will be a great relationship!

Have you escaped the UK this winter?  Yes I went to Snow and Wake and hit the slopes up for the first time since I was in primary school, it was interesting to say the least. But other than that I have been here in the UK taking a bit of time off of riding to rest my body and be fresh for the 2014 season.

-Have you enjoyed a baltic session here in the UK over the last couple of months? Yes! I went and played on the new pool down at LWP the other day and have ridden boat at Quayside a few times. It’s actually not as cold as I thought it would be! Must be my awesome pink tiedye billabong suit!

-Haha Nice!  What do you have to do to get amped to ride in the cold?   Top three tips…   1. Have a great wetsuit from Billabong waiting to keep you warm.  2. Get my friends to come down and ride with me, riding with friends is always funner.  3. Knowing that those Floridians and Aussies are still out there training and progressing so I need to keep at it.  Also they think you’re hardcore for riding in cold! Haha.

image-2-What are your travel plans for 2014?  I am mainly going to be Stateside this season but I have not really got any set in stone yet. I’ll keep everyone posted on my social media!  Go and follow me 😉 lol

-Any major comps/events you got lined up?  I want to do the USA scene this year if I am riding ok.  But other than that the standard Europeans etc!

image-Whats your training regime looking like?  Do you workout?  Oh yes I am doing some sort of training at least 5/6times a week. Whether it be cardio or a session with James down at Lakeside. Summer time I will not workout as much but will keep up with the cardio and probably 1 strength/agility style training session a week.


-Top three tips for being at your peak riding/fitness level during the competitive season?  

1. Cardio – make sure you do it before the season starts you can do a bit during the season too you can never do enough of it.  Being cardio fit is completely different to strength fit.  You’ll be able to ride a lot longer. 

2. Rest – rest is just as important as working out.  Your muscles cannot recover and repair unless you rest them up by having at least one day off a week. 

3. Eating the right things – breakfast!!  Fuel your body as soon as you wake up, getting enough variety in your diet.  Lots of protein to help muscles and their recovery, carbohydrates for the energy, mix it up don’t drink loads of fizzy pop it may give you a sugar high but it only last for a little bit!

-Thanks for the catch up Charlotte!  See you on the water 🙂 

You can follow Charlotte on her instagram: @charlottebryant 


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