The Simple Life

When you embark on a surf trip you tend to go back to basics and I’m sure any fellow surfers feel the same.  You pack up your board bag, pad your board with a towel, a wetsuit and some clothing items and be on your way.  You don’t need all the items you might need for say, a City break.  I’ve been here a week now and pretty much lived in the same pair of leggings and jumper / shirt for the entire time (which led me to do a load of washing last night – scariest washing machine ever, sounded like it was about to explode!).  I haven’t worn jewellery or make up since I got here and have barely looked in the mirror.  I let the sun, sand and salty ocean do what they do best.  I love this way of living, it strips you back to basics.  Some say the ocean has healing properties which I don’t know the details of, but what I do know is that I always feel better for getting wet.  So head to your nearest ocean (or watering hole) and get out there! 🙂 



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