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Its been six days and I’ve actually missed working out?  I was hit by another cold over the tail end of last week so riding was out of the question – cabin fever has set in pretty bad – basically gagging to get moving, even spring cleaned the house yesterday. 

This morning I missed buggy bootcamp (I didn’t think the cold/wind/rain/etc/etc would help my situ) so did a home workout instead.  I had to peel myself off the sofa, but once I got started I was on it. 

I did three circuits, 10 exercises in each and did each one for 45 seconds.  I had some lunges, squats (still doing the squat challenge!), plank, kettle bell swings, jogging on the spot (knees up), calf raises, tricep dips, sit ups, push ups and or course, bupees. 

Followed by my favourite – melon, banana, soya and cinnamon smoothy.  Still looking forward to my beans on toast for lunch though. 😀


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