It was cold, it was foggy, but my god was it glassy…

Ladies Morning – October

Only a few women braved the chilly weather to come to the last ladies morning of the season, all of which deserve a pat on the back as there were no balmy temperatures around at all, especially at 8:30am on a Sunday morning.  A big temperature drop occurred on the Thursday night/Friday morning which sent us from Autumn into Winter in about 12 hours!  The ladies donned their winter wetties, gloves and booties, they even kept their beanies on till the very last minute; but they got on with the task at hand.  To shred.

Everyone did really well and new tricks were stomped!  As usual I had a few goodies to give out.  Alex won the WakeMK Pro Coaching Voucher as it was her second time on the cable and she got round in switch!  Lili won the Nalu Beads as she is a system 2 rider at heart but was hitting all the toys on a big rig.  Mav won the Two Seasons goodies because she hit the wedge for the first time ever and was stomping it!  Well done to everyone and as always, I wish I had more goodies to give away as everyone deserved something for braving the cold!  I also wanted to shoutout to Mav who travelled up from South London and also to Leoni and Lili for getting up super early to come get involved, all the way from Brighton!!  Massive thanks ladies!!

Smiles all round  – post shred stoke 🙂

Thanks go out to Nalu BeadsTwo Seasons and WakeMK for the goodies.  Also out to VitaCoco who supplied us with yummy coconut water after our session!

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