British Cable Wakeboarding

This year we will be seeing a slight change in British Cable Wakeboarding.  The UK will be holding more IWWF affiliated competitions.  This means riders can earn points to go towards their International Rankings at other comps rather than just at the Nationals – these events can be seen on  There are no set British Team Trials this year, but development group selectors will be in attendance of these events.

JB is kicking off the first of these competitions on the 15th April.  There will be wakeboard and wakeskate categories, as long as enough riders have entered to open the category.  On the other hand, there are limited spaces so you need to get entering if you want to compete. If you would like an entry form just ask your local cable, or contact me and I will send you one as soon as I can.

Do you like this change?  You can have your say by taking this BWSW survey… click here.

I personally think its great for the UK to have this level of competition held at our cables.  It will not only increase the awareness of the sport, which will also help the push to be in the 2020 Olympics, but it will help promote our cable parks as well.  Also it gives riders who don’t/can’t travel to competitions abroad, the chance to earn points towards their National / International rankings.

Everybody Wins! 😀

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